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Ezine #54 Dealing With Anxiety
October 02, 2012

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Dealing With Anxiety In Six Simple Steps

If you’re dealing with anxiety, you worry and you’ve heard this message before. “Stop worrying!” “There’s nothing to be anxious about!” “Everything will work out you’ll see.” Telling an anxious person to stop worrying doesn’t do any good. In fact it only makes matters worse, because if you could stop, you would – and now you feel guilty.

If you’re an anxious person, you’re the one who always sees the glass ‘half empty’. And of course, since you already think that the worst is going to happen, you have to prepare for it. You play all the possible scenarios over and over in your mind. What could happen, might happen, should happen -- and this builds even more anxiety.

No one really knows what actually will happen until it happens. However, one thing for certain, all that pressure plays havoc with the stress hormones in the brain, which affects the body, and upsets other people around you.

If you are dealing with anxiety, here are six steps to bring the level down.

Start Thinking about something that you have to do builds pressure, doing something about it, takes the edge off. Don’t delay. Get started

Write – pen to paper (not computer) it’s a slower process. Get your thoughts out of your head and on the page. Write whatever is on your mind.

Speak – tell someone what you’ve been thinking. Talking to someone not only lessons stress, but you also hear another person's perspective. This may change your perspective as well.

Visualize – if you’re a visual person, visualize different solutions. Become creative – fantasize “what if”. Doing this exercise broadens your thinking and you can more easily come up with what’s possible in your reality.

Quiet: Meditation, yoga, music, walks, these activities clear your head allowing new thoughts to generate, relieving anxiety and giving you peace of mind.

Positive thinking
What we say to ourselves matters. Don’t allow yourself to think negative.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you’ve tried, there is nothing more you can do. Instead of trying to change the impossible, understand that you can do no more. Think of a way to make peace with the situation, and once you’ve made the decision, let it go.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” Hermann Hesse

Q & A


My sister has been drinking for many arrests, no black-outs, what would be called a functional drinker. She held a job for many years but was let go recently because of people noticing that she smelled of alcohol. She was told she could return to work if she goes into a program. She finished detox for four days and now she is out and scheduled to go back to her job next week.

After coming out of detox they told her to go to meetings and she went to a few, but she says that she’s fine and she doesn’t need to go to all of them and that she can go occasionally. I am not an expert but I can't imagine this helping a person who has been drinking over 25 years. I thought that you would have to go every day for a while...something seems not right about this

It doesn't appear that she has been drinking the last few days but I am afraid she might think the people at her job won't suspect cocaine use. Does it seem odd to have meetings spaced out? Thanks so much for your help.



A A four day detox and going to meetings is merely a band-aid solution. It's for the drinker to get hold of the addiction and proceed to make changes. It would work provided the person really wants to do it, but I think that your sister needs more than that. She may also be helped with

counseling or recovery coaching to stay on track There are meetings every day, but I don't think your sister wants to go. She has already been making excuses, so she may already have gone back to drinking and may also have to reach a lower level until she becomes serious about getting help.


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