The only New Year’s resolution you need.

Pointers for 2008

Promises for 2008

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This is Volume 1 of Powerful Living, the newsletter that delivers strategies and self-help tips, guiding you to living a more powerful and fulfilling life. Have you achieved serious weight loss? Is this the year you want to control of your life once and for all? Have you conquered a problem that you never thought possible? Let me know, and with your consent, we’ll share it with others in the coming months. It’s all about people helping people.

No matter how much technology changes the world, human beings remain the same. We may be rich or poor, thin or fat, black or white, but our emotions are alike. Only our perceptions make us different.

Some time ago, I was sitting in a court room waiting for my case to be heard, when a large black middle age man entered the room carrying a briefcase. He also had a white cane and a seeing-eye dog walked by his side. He moved with confidence from the back of the room to take his seat at the lawyers table. Not only was this man a visible minority, but he also was blind. I wonder how many times this man was told not to bother, that even if by chance he would graduate, no one would employ a blind lawyer anyhow. How many of us give up on ourselves for one reason or another?

No matter what challenges we have in life, we can always make things work one way or another. It may not be exactly what you had in mind when you first set out on the journey, but you don’t have to quit or be particularly intelligent to get to your goal. What you need is a positive attitude and a lot of hard work – perseverance. I would also guess that in the case of the blind lawyer, there was a special person in his life, a parent, a mentor, a friend, who believed in him when the going got tough.

We’re very lucky if someone like that enters our life, but most of us aren’t so lucky. Directly, or indirectly we’ve been sent the message that we ‘can’t’ – that we’re not smart enough, not attractive enough, not capable enough - and we’ve adopted this message as a mantra and it’s ruled our lives. You have a choice. Keep doing what you’ve always been doing or


The only New Year’s resolution you need:

I resolve to change my attitude and work hard at attaining what I want.

Pointers for 2008

1) Write a realistic plan for what you want to accomplish.

2) Accept that you won’t be ‘perfect’.

3) Do the best you can day after day.

Making changes in behavior takes time. It’s a process – a slow process, but don’t give up.

Promises for 2008

Forgive yourself

You can’t take back what you’ve done, It’s done. Stop judging yourself. It serves no purpose. Regret the past, but remember it’s past. If you keep going back into the past, what you’re doing to the present? Forgive your imperfections and you’ll have a more rewarding life in the present and the future.

Take Action

Thinking of self improvement - a course, a diet, a support group, counseling? Stop thinking about it? What are you waiting for? ‘Some day’, ‘One day’, Some day will never come. All you have is now. Get the information you need and do it! Too expensive? No time? No excuses! We always find a way to do what we really want to do.

Don’t judge yourself

When you tell yourself “I should’ve” “Could’ve” etc. you put yourself down. You demean yourself. Yes you might have done something else but hindsight is always easier. It’s over. It is what it is. Focus on the positive and move on.

Set boundaries

You can’t be all things to all people, without compromising yourself, and everyone who is dear to you. If you’d really ‘like’ to do something, but it’s bad timing, or deep down in your gut you know you’ll pay for it, say “no”. Like the old expression goes, “you can’t dance at all the weddings.” Say “no”, and make a responsible decision - no guilt. (particularly hard for “people pleasers”).

Stop the victim

It’s not your fault, your mother’s fault, your ex’s, etc., Blaming your misery on others or circumstance only holds you back. This is the year to make the best of what is - not what should be (that’s it, that’s all). Change your ‘luck’ by moving on.


Stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Get out of your head. Hold a door open for someone – even if they don’t appreciate it. Greet a neighbor, help a friend – random acts of kindness will open up your world. .

Print these tips and promises and read them daily.

Change doesn’t happen overnight.

The one and only resolution you need.

“I resolve to change my attitude and work hard at attaining what I want.”

Make this your new mantra for 2008 and you’ll see positive change.

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Q & A


Dear Bev

Help! I have a serious back injury! I take Percocet 8 times a day for the pain! I have been taking this drug for along time now! I am afraid I have become addicted. If I tell the doctor who prescribes the drug I am afraid he will cut me off and I will have nothing for pain.


Confused and Depressed


Dear Confused and Depressed

If your Dr. is following you and prescribing this medication 8x per day, he/she knows that there is a high probability for addiction. However, it may be a toss-up between becoming addicted and suffering with pain.

Your pain must be severe or your Dr. wouldn't have prescribed this quantity for so long. Discuss your concerns. I doubt if you’ll be cut off the medication. If you've increased the dosage yourself, discuss this as well. Your prescription will be regulated and possibly changed to make sure that the drugs and the pain is under control.

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