Is Compulsive Overeating your Addiction?

Compulsive overeating is eating lots of food but not purging. And if you are a binge eater, you can also consider yourself a compulsive over-eater. You may eat three meals a day plus snacks, eat all day or binge, but the end result is usually the same ~ you get fat!


Is obsessive overeating your addiction? Stop yo-yo dieting and don't fear the scale!

Occasionally over eating does not make you a compulsive over-eater. Think of the holidays ~ all of us stuff ourselves every now and then. What I'm talking about is different.

If you're a binge eater, you eat well for a while, and then, for no apparent reason, you compulsively over eat. Here are the symptoms:

•    Eating out of control

•    Eating large amounts of food

•    Eating more quickly than usual during binge episodes

•    Eating until discomfort

•    Eating large amounts of food, when not really hungry

•    Eating alone because you are embarrassed about food you eat

•    Feeling disgusted, depressed or guilty after overeating


A Binge-eating disorder (BED) is probably the most common eating disorder. Most people with this problem are either overweight or obese, but normal-weight people also be afflicted. (The 1998 NIH Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults define overweight as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 29.9 and obesity as a BMI of 30 or more). BMI is calculated by dividing weight (in kilograms) by height (in meters) squared. (Psychology Today)


Here are some side effects of the behavior:

  • Depression,
  • Negativity,
  • Avoid work, school or social activities
  • Isolation
  • Feel ashamed & hide the problem

And here are the health risks:

  • Diabetes
  •  High blood pressure
  •  High blood cholesterol levels
  •    Gall bladder disease
  •    Heart disease
  •    Certain types of cancer

So What to do ~ Diet?

If you're a compulsive over eater, you've done that! In fact you've done that many many times. I know ~ been there, done that!

Here's an excerpt from an article in Psychology Today:

“~ Dieting in this instance means skipping meals, not eating enough food each day, or avoiding certain kinds of food (such as carbohydrates). These are unhealthy ways to try to change your body shape and weight. Many people with binge-eating disorder have health problems because of their weight. These people should try to lose weight and keep it off. People with binge-eating disorder who are obese may find it harder to stay in a weight-loss program. They also may lose less weight than other people, and may regain weight more quickly. (This can be worse when they also have problems like depression, trouble controlling their behavior, and problems dealing with other people.) These people may need treatment for binge-eating disorder before they try to lose weight.” (Psychology Today)

I believe that serial dieting contributes to being a compulsive overeater.

Think about it. When you feel deprived of being able to DO something, or in this case EAT something. It’s the vary thing that starts to ‘call your name’. You watch TV and you think about what's in the fridge, in the pantry ~ you become obsessed.

 If you’re a compulsive overeater, one bite of the ‘forbidden food’, and you keep on going. The twisted thinking kicks in.  You tell yourself that since you broke the diet anyway, "What the heck", you’ll  "start tomorrow" ~ and "tomorrow" .......

It's not the diet. Every diet works as long as you're on it. It's when you're off the diet that there's a problem. You have to change your thinking!

When you change your thinking, you behave differently. Your emotions and your feelings are in tune with your thoughts. You don't have to feel that you CAN'T eat that pizza. You make an empowered choice not to eat it. And if you choose to eat it, you don't feel guilty after eating ~ and you don't have to compulsively over eat. 

Compulsive overeating is like any other addiction

You CAN change!

Are you finally fed up?

  • Fed up with yo-yo dieting?
  • Fed up with clothes that don't fit?
  • Fed up with diet plans and gym memberships?
  • Fed up with the belly fat and muffin top?
  • Fed up with feeling like a failure?

 Compulsive overeating is not a life sentence!

You CAN change your mindset, be attractive, healthier and the envy of your friends.

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If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you

Imagine how great you'll feel when you succeed!

From compulsive overeating to home

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