Teenage Drug Abuse or Teen Alcoholism?

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Is it teenage drug abuse or alcoholism? First thing you should know is that your teen may be getting drunk or stoned, but it is not necessarily an addiction. Drinking and taking drugs like marijuana, can be experimental, when it comes to teens. There may be peer pressure to go along with the group, but all this should not be ignored.

Parents may feel that they have no control over their teen, but that is far from the truth. If you are a parent and your teenager lives at home, you have the right to set the ground rules and you have a responsibility to do this. Once your child is moves out of the house, you have less control, but you can still be vigilant.

Many teens dabble in binge drinking and drug use in the last years of high school and college. Friends, parties, stress can add to the pressure that taking drugs and drinking provides. It provides an escape.

Here’s a self test to find out if you or a loved one needs to get help.

Drugs and alcoholism is a common concern. Sometimes we know that there may be a problem, but it’s hard to admit it. This quiz can open your eyes.

Teenage Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Test


Have you been drinking or using drugs to escape problems?

Have you been absent from school or work because of drinking or drugs?

Do you need to drink or use to feel like one of the crowd?

Does drink or drugs make you feel more confident in yourself?

Do you reject the facts about drinking or alcoholism?

Have you blacked out from alcohol or drug use.

Does alcohol or drugs fill your spare time?

Do you spend to much money on alcohol or drugs?

Does alcohol or drugs affect your reputation?

Do you get in trouble with your parents because of your drinking or drug behavior?

Do you need to drink to have fun?

Does alcoholism run in your family?

Have you gotten into trouble with the police due to alcohol or drugs?

Do you feel unhappy and out of control due to drinking or drug abuse?

If you are concerned about any of your answers, find out about getting help before it get worse.

Do you have a question about teenage drug abuse and alcoholism, just ask or if you feel you need a consultation or coaching for how to handle your situation, You can get professional help from me.

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