Teenage Drug Addiction

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Teenage drug addiction is something no parent wants to go through. Marijuana, which is used very commonly among teens, prevents motivation for studying and attending class. In fact many teens with a substance abuse problem end up dropping out of school entirely.

It is important to note that most teenagers occasionally use drugs and alcohol and they don’t have an addiction problem. Do not jump to conclusions. It’s important to keep the line of communication open.

What to do about substance abuse and help stop drug addiction?

First you must notice the cues.

Signs of Teen Substance Abuse

- Moody – even aggressive

- Withdrawn, depressed

- Always needing money – stealing

- Less involved at home

- Skipping classes

- Losing jobs

- Isolates in room –avoids interaction

- Change in friends

These are some signs to be aware of for the onset of teenage drug addiction, but these signs can also be a signal of other problems. So don’t jump quickly to conclusions.

Teens can be very clever about hiding substance abuse and parents will say that they didn’t have a clue. Others teenager leave tell-tale signs. They’ll come home drunk, leave wrapping paper for marijuana for all to see etc. These teenagers want to get caught and they want their parents to do something.

- be calm, but tell them that their behavior is unacceptable- Don’t rescue them from consequences - Set rules and curfews.- Don’t focus on the drug use, focus on foul language and behavior- Talk to the kids. Call a ‘family meeting’ where you listen to them and not be judgmental. There may be problems in the family that needs to be discussed.

Stop Drug Addiction

When dealing with teenage drug addiction you must remain as calm. Losing your temper will only aggravate the situation.

- ask what drugs they’ve been taking

- If necessary, call a doctor or go to the hospital emergency room

- Have them assume responsibility for their abuse

- Don’t hide the problem from other family members

When the teen is at his/her worst, it’s the best time to seek help. They need to have a drug/alcohol assessment with a professional who is trained in this area.

It’s not necessary for all teenagers with a substance abuse problem to enter a rehab, but counseling is a necessity.

Counseling not only addresses the addiction problem, but also helps the teen to get back on track, regain self-esteem and develop a better quality of life.

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