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Ezine #52 Don't Worry - Be Happy
August 06, 2012

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Don't Worry Be Happy

Do you want to be happy? It would really surprise me if you answered ‘no’. Sometimes we’re in situations where our happiness is compromised by things in our lives that we’re powerless to change. But more often than not, we are the ones who make ourselves and everyone around us miserable. If you stop these behaviors you’ll be a much happier person – guaranteed!

These tips work:

Stop Blaming: A Buddhist saying is ‘it is what it is’ – and it is. You can’t change what is, so blaming others or the world around you doesn’t do any good. Take responsibility for the way things are and then make the best of it.

Stop Controlling Accept people, places and the things in your world. You can’t control everything so stop trying to do it. If you stop the control, you be much happier.

No Excuses Don’t get stuck on lying to yourself or making excuses. Work on yourself and you'll be making improvements. When you make excuses for your behavior, you're not going to change.

RiskIf you don’t make changes in your life, things will remain the same, so be open to making changes. If you don't like the way things are, take the risk to change them.

Let go of the past Live in the present. The present is all you have, so don’t dwell on what’s gone on previously. You should have goals for the future, but what's going on now, should be your focus. Make today the best it can be.

Stop complaining We can find negative in anything, but when you focus on the negative you will feel worse. This doesn’t mean that you ignore the negative, what I’m saying is see things realistically -- nothing’s black or white.

Stop people pleasing: Stop trying to impress everyone, or get them to like you. This is impossible so stop trying. Be sincere and be yourself.

Be the genuine article. You’ll be so much happier. Strip off the masks, and open yourself to being a much happier person and have a rewarding life

"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health" –Voltaire

Q & A


My husband quit drinking after an severe alcohol withdrawal. Since the beginning , he has insisted he isn't bothered by events where alcohol is served. He does not want our adult children to avoid serving drinks when he’s there. He feels it's his responsibility not to drink.

My children and I are uncomfortable drinking with my husband. We feel it's not necessary to serve alcohol at family events, and feel we are showing our support by not doing so. He's very upset by this, and I'm not sure what we should be doing.

Mary G


Your husband is right. He is the only one who is responsible for drinking, however, both you and your children are entitled not to serve it. He has the problem, but everyone in the family has been affected by it.

Your husband doesn't want you not to have alcohol on his behalf, and that’s appreciated, but it’s not his decision.

Family events don't have to include alcohol -- particularly when one member is new to sobriety.

If your husband goes to AA meetings, he should discuss this. He'll find that many members are in his situation and he should understand and not be upset with your decision. You are not protecting or

enabling him This is about your comfort level and this is your choice.


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