Addiction Recovery and Life Coaching

Addiction?? Recovery coaching, life coaching – Does it work?

Will hiring a coach be a waste of time and money? Find out if it’s right for you.


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Addiction Recovery and Life Coaching -- What's this??

The first thing that you should know is that addiction recovery and life coaching is not therapy.

Think of the coach on a sports team. The coach helps you, motivates you, gives you direction, but you’re the one who has to take that ball and run with it. You’re the one who has to take the lead and know what you want to accomplish.
If you are an emotional eater, suffer from compulsive or addictive behaviors: drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, codependency or relationship issues, I have the techniques to get you on track.

In addiction recovery, coaching should help you regain confidence and overcome your challenges of a life without substances.

Addiction recovery does not conflict with the 12 step program. It compliments the steps. If you’re in the program it’s not a problem, coaching can take you beyond the 12 steps.

It’s also an ideal support for aftercare after rehab. You explore and test new options, all the while focusing on relapse prevention and creating a new and positive future.

It is particularly effective, if you’ve had a slip and want to get back on track.

Why Coaching Works

An experienced coach is a specialist in their field. The coach should be able to identify patterns that you may not see. The coach is your partner, guiding you to implement solutions.

A good coach not only gets you to see improvement, but you become the empowered person that you want to be.

Coaching is one of the fastest way to tackle challenging problems as well as develop personal growth.

When is a good time to get coaching?

When you know what you want: lose weight, stop gambling, get out of a codependent relationship etc. … If you’ve been trying and trying and keep falling back or you’re overwhelmed with challenges or stuck in a rut, that’s a perfect time for coaching.

"Every time I put the phone down after speaking to you, I am grateful for the decision I made to work with you.” Melanie G

My services

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Don’t hire a coach unless you seriously want to change.

for a free 30 minute session

I am so confident that you’ll benefit from your session, that if you don’t, just tell me, and your session will be refunded – no hassle. There’s nothing to lose. That’s my personal guarantee.

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