Video Game Addiction Is Real

Video game addiction and internet addiction, like any other addictive behavior starts out as fun, but when the game takes control of you ~ it’s not fun any more

As video games increasingly become faster and more compelling, with better graphics, characters, sounds and challenges, it’s not l surprising that many people chose to play these games, rather than contact real people or do other activities.

At one time, only teens were hanging out in their rooms playing games. Today they can also be gambling on line, and playing games and smoking weed often go together.  All this used to be considered an adolescent problem, but not any more. All this  continues into adulthood, creating problems with real relationships and real life experiences.

Video game addiction and Internet addiction start as fun until it’s obsessive. Ask a game addict. It’s an addiction. How to stop video games from controlling you?

Although the American Medical Association is reviewing research in order to include it in the update to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, ask anyone who has a game addiction or anyone who knows and lives with one, and they’ll tell you “ This is real.”

 Just like any other addiction, there are symptoms:

 Addiction Symptoms

Psychological symptoms:

You feel ‘amazing’ when you’re on the computer

You can’t stop playing

You neglect family and friends

You crave more time on the computer.

You feel empty, depressed, and irritable when you’re not playing video games

You lie about playing.

Physical symptoms:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Migraine headaches

Irregular eating: skipping meals etc.

Lack of hygiene


Obsessive Thinking of Playing

 Breaking Video Game Addiction

1) Admit there is a problem and tell others about it.

2) Ask yourself, if you are addicted to a particular game or is it any game?

3) Figure out what causes you to play addictive games. Ex: when you’re around certain people, at particular website? These are your triggers to play and you should avoid them. They give you cravings.

4) Wean yourself off a game addiction gradually.

5) Time yourself. If you play on the computer 22 hours a week, cut down to 19 or so. Keep at it, and fill your time with the activities that you’ve been avoiding.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Like any addiction, you will relapse and go back to your old behavior.

Don’t be discouraged, just get back on track, and stick to your goal & cut down.

Think of the things you used to do before these games took over your world and get out there and do them. If you can't remember, as yourself what you would like to do and set new goals to do them. 

At this moment I know of no 12-step groups that focus on video games, but because this is quickly becoming a serious problem, I'm sure there will be in the near future.

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