Stop Being Addicted and Live a More Powerful Life

Yes, you can stop being addicted to anything ~ food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, compulsive shoplifting, codependency, relationships and all obsessive behaviors.

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Hi, I'm Beverley Glazer,

 I know you must be skeptical, but I see people change their behavior every day ~ and I'm not necessarily talking about taking meds, or isolating yourself in a rehab or 'fat farm'. Others can do it, and with a change in thinking, so can you.

I provide strategies and solutions to those longing to break with unhealthy habits, bad relationships and addictions, so they can finally get lasting control of their lives.

Change happens to many ~ and it can happen to you.

This site is designed to help you resolve negativity, give you tips change your thinking, which in turn changes your behavior. It's like taking a 'mental tune-up' ~ and once you change your attitude, your stress level and outlook also changes. And these changes in attitude and behavior can last a lifetime. You don't change the person you are, you simply become a new and better you.

I have witnessed these miracles many times, and that's why I do what I do. When you stop being addicted to anything, it's not just the behavior that changes.

The behavior is a symptom. The whole person ~ the outlook, the confidence ~ everything changes. It's AMAZING!

When someone is afflicted with any addictive behavior, there is a desperate feeling that it's a 'life sentence', that you will NEVER be 'normal'. You feel depressed, you 'beat yourself up'  and then there's the feeling of guilt and shame.

This happens when you try to change any compulsive behavior. Whether it's a problem with food, gambling, sex, a chemical addiction or you're a parent or partner of someone with these issues, any relapse can be devastating and demoralizing. And believe it or not, the way you've been thinking is directly destructive to your progress.

 We all want to stop being addicted to anything. We don't want these negative thoughts in our head. We want to change our behavior; we tell ourselves we do.

We go to the gym, go on diets, don't drink for awhile etc. tell ourselves 'that was the last time' but in spite of our good intentions ~ do it again.


I was drawn to study psychology through a long route ~ Amerindian & Inuit art. It was native culture, legend, history and art ~ and a very supportive husband, that I developed a business, buying, selling and working with Native communities in both the USA & Canada. It was through these travels, that I witnessed how alcohol and drugs destroyed individuals, families and communities and it changed the direction in my life.

The purpose of this site is to provide education, inspiration, and strategies to help you "untwist your thinking" to help you untangle your life. It is focused on one thing, and one thing only ~ helping you or someone you love find freedom from all addictions: food, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, codependency, shoplifting and relationship issues. And of course, to help you stop being addicted to anything.

Thank you for taking the time to enter this site. If I can help you just let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

"I do what I love and I love what I do, and I am committed to your success. I know, that no matter how hard things seem at the moment, no problem is insurmountable".

You'll find tips, techniques and resources from me, as well as members of this community. You can also ask advice for your particular situation and you can contribute too.

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'Untwist Your Thinking and have control of your life!'

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Bev Helped Me

Your humor, understanding & insight into my problems helped me beyond my wildest dreams
~ Luella J. NYC

I'm So Grateful

Now I can see how my dysfunctional family members won't change, but the way I handle them certainly has. So Grateful.
~ Steve W. Tokyo

Thank You

Thank you for being there, for guiding us in the right direction and helping us understand and renew a relationship with our daughter. No words can express our gratitude.
~ J.C San Antonio

What A Difference!

You have made a huge difference in my life. I can't thank you enough.
~J.B. Vancouver,B.C

I'm Speechless

I don't seem to find the words that would do justice to all that you have helped me deal with.
~P.L. Sydney, Au

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