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How to stress proof your day.

Can you stress proof your day? Yes, you can -- but stress isn’t always a bad thing When stress is chronic, it can lead us into depression as well as make us physically sick. But without it we wouldn’t have the energy to participate in sports, speak in public, go to job interviews or take any risk at all.

As with anything else, the key to handling anxiety is balance. Here are some tips to maintain that balance, turn negative stress into positive outcomes and stress proof your day.

Be fearless: If you have a challenge, welcome it. Tell yourself that you’ll be OK. Don’t dwell on what can go wrong. This will build your anxiety in a negative way. Tell yourself that you’ll be fine, and you will be, because the adrenaline will help you perform better.

Be Positive: and be prepared as best you can. This will give you confidence. The more you boost your confidence the more your good performance will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Reject Failure: Make sure that you practice as much as you can so that your prepared. Thoughts like “I’ve handled worse’, can only build you up and you’ll minimize your anxiety..

Goals: Focus on realistic attainable goals. Don’t look at perfection or dwell on your competition. Do the best you can do, if your best is not good enough, accept that and learn from it.

Sleep: Stress hormones elevate and cause other imbalances so make sure you get enough sleep.

Exercise: Exercise relieves stress temporarily, but it’s not a long term solution. After you stop your negative thinking will come back.

Breathe: Take slow, deep, rhythmic breaths. This will automatically decrease stress. Studies have shown that meditation can increase gray matter, dampening an area in the brain, which respond to fear. Set some time in the day to meditate, listen to relaxing music. Knitting, playing music or doing something with your hands can also take the edge off.

Stay in the present Don’t focus on what could be, should be, might be. All we have is now. Keep things in perspective so that you control your stress and that your

thoughts don't have to control you.

Q & A


My son is a binge drinker. He is 30 years old. He doesn't drink every night but I noticed that when he’s upset he goes directly to the booze and gets plastered. He gave up drinking for about 6 months and recognizes he has a drinking problem, but tells me its under control.

What can a parent do? We don't live in the same town, but we are close and he confides in me. I don't want to be an enabler. I was one of the family members who confronted him about drinking and I ask him about his drinking upon occasion. Every time he has a problem he blames the other person. Is it a maturity thing or does he avoid taking responsibility?



Your son stopped drinking for awhile but he's still drinking, rather than confronting his problems.

This is not a maturity issue. Your son does not handle his problems appropriately and is masking his pressures with alcohol -- which only creates further problems.

He confides in you, so this gives you leverage to confront him. He won't always be receptive but don't back down. Tell him what you feel, regardless. Telling him your feelings and making suggestions is not enabling Counseling would teach your son assertiveness and help him handle his avoidance issues. This would have a positive impact on his drinking. Encourage him to check out the services available in his area.

There is very little a parent of an adult child can do. Simply focus on the problems in his life, and encourage him to get the help for those issues. His drinking problems should come out in counseling.


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