Crystal Methamphetamines Are Addictive

Crystal methamphetamines have become new to the drug scene, although methamphetamines are not new. In crystal form this drug is easily made in a kitchen lab—and this has become a destructive presence in North America. Whether you call it crank, crystal, ice or glass, this meth has a unique power to destroy your life and those around you.

Crystal methamphetamine is a stimulant, one of the most addictive. Users will tell you that their first high made them feel powerful, sexy, euphoric, strong, confident . . . .But regaining or chasing that high-- which leads to binges-- quickly brings insomnia, agitation, dry mouth, palpitations, paranoia and eventually, heart and liver disease, and death.Perhaps most shocking is crystal meth’s effect on the visible body: tooth decay (meth mouth), sagging skin, weight loss, acne and sores are common.

Women are often drawn to crystal metamphetamines as a weight-loss aid, just like other speed drugs.

What Crystal Methamphetamines Do

Inside the brain, the drug destroys our natural ability to take pleasure in everyday things like food and sex, and we become dependent on it for psychological reasons-- and depressed when it is withdrawn.With this double whammy-- pleasure and pain-- crystal meth takes over -- and that's addiction.

A person with a fragile emotional state is its natural victim. Perhaps she feels unattractive, or he feels socially awkward. Crystal methamphetamine is tempting because it offers a quick weight loss solution.

The unnatural amounts of dopamine released by crystal meth-- about 10 times as much as we feel on normal good days, and 6 times higher than during orgasm-- sets us up for disappointment. When you come down off the high, it’s experienced as a crash and you’re on the path of addiction, looking to return to that unnatural state experienced with the first rush.

You can also stop being a meth addict but you probably already know-- that it’s not going to be easy Here are some treatment options.

Crystal meth users need help to fight the depression, anxiety and cravings for the drug that accompany withdrawal. So addicts can’t simply leave rehab and be ‘cured’. It's necessary to also have Counseling or recovery coaching and have follow-up to help them understand and work on their demons. Addicts must learn new ways of coping with their lives.If you're interested, you can try a 30 minute session on the phone or on Skype

Support groups like CA are also helpful for follow-up and some

Family members also need to understand this addiction or the can be enabling the addict. Drug abuse is a symptom of underlying problems, using drugs covers those issues. perceived cure. The underlying problem can never be fixed as long as chronic drug use continues
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From Crystal Methamphetamines to Stop Being Addicted

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