Why Proactive Thinking is Contageous!!

Proactive thinking is all about doing – not only about thinking positive. Did you know that you have the power to change your life by simply changing the way you think? Sounds profound, doesn't it? It really isn't.

Positive thinking has the ability to significantly alter the outcome of certain situations. Just think about it. When was the last time your optimism helped you overcome an obstacle in your life? Adopting a positive attitude and being proactive about it, can open doors for you. It can cause people to help you in ways that you never could have dreamed. In fact, here's an example that most people can relate to: You are

and emotional eater and you decide enough is enough. You want to exercise more and change your thinking. Rather than come up with a thousand and one excuses why you can't go to the gym, you enroll in a class with a colleague from work. The two of you begin /healthy eating together and provide encouragement as well as advice to one another throughout your workday. You keep track of your progress and start spreading the word about you and your friend's results. You even start a mid-day walking program with the help from corporate. Your colleagues make you and your friend wellness ambassadors. You begin to share your wealth of fitness knowledge with other departments and their locations around the world Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? But amazing things happen when you

change the way you think
So, what do you do if your outlook is not usually positive all the time? Here are a few tips to help see through the hustle and bustle of the week:

Start your day with an affirmation. An affirmation is a declaration that something is true. " I am psyched for success," is an affirmation. So is, "I am achieving all of my dreams." Write down several affirmations on index cards and put them in place where you will see them regularly. Meditation and visualization is always positive and so is self-hypnosis
Surround yourself with other positive people. If everyone you know and associate yourself with is a negative, you will be too. Positivity is infectious, but so is negativity. Find people whose positive attitudes inspire you and then try to emulate them. If you can't seem to meet anyone new in your city, try an online community.

Remember "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Change can be frightening. Taking it one step daily that pushes you out of your comfort zone and gets you thinking in a positive and proactive way. Do this for 30 days and you've got yourself a new habit. Proactive thinking and having a positive mental attitude is all that you need to be successful in life. Consider it one of your most important attributes. and watch how beautiful life becomes. The power that you possess over your brain is astounding. Train your mind to be proactive and not reactive. This will give you the freedom you need to realize your dreams and achieve your goals. Change the way you think and watch how beautiful life becomes. The power that you possess over your brain is astounding. You can train your mind to be proactive and not reactive. This will give you the freedom you need to realize your dreams and achieve your goals.



I’ve been with my boyfriend for 10 years and we have a 2 year old son. Over the last 10 months he’s been drinking 4 nights out of 7 nights a week, and won’t go to bed until there is nothing left. The next day he’s horrible.

Lately he has been disappearing --not coming home all weekend and he’s been fired from work. He blames me, saying I don’t give him affection, but when he lies about where he’s been, and spends all his money on drink how can I?

I’ve left him today. I’m exhausted and can’t take anymore. I pay for everything and all he ever wants to do is drink. He’s on anti-depressants and he says he doesn’t take them, but I’m afraid that he will harm himself after a binge. What should I do?

2) See the silver lining in certain situations, it is impossible to see the value of the experience. Every negative experience also has a positive. If you want success, you have to stop beating yourself up.

3) Surround yourself with supportive people The road to self-discovery can be difficult. Recruit your most positive friends and family members to rally behind you while you go through the process of accepting your imperfections. Positive people provide you the motivation that you need to remain strong and stop chastising yourself.

4) Change is an ongoing process It takes 30 days for something to become a habit. That’s why it’s important to remember that change isn’t going to happen overnight.

5) Be patient with yourself and remember that “happiness is a journey not a destination.”

6) Model the positive thoughts and behaviors of people that you admire Reading a book or listening to an inspirational podcast can help you accept your faults in a productive way. Let the individuals behind this material to become your role models. Read their stories and remember that they are just like you. They also have their shortcomings. Understanding why we feel we must be perfect (if you’re

codependent for example) can help you appreciate certain situations more. Although, it won’t be easy to turn off the part of your brain that wants to criticize the way you do things, it is necessary if you want to let go the idea that you ‘should’ be a perfect ten. Ultimately you’ll become a much happier person.



What would you would advise, if a wife is clearly

an alcoholic and the husband is a social drinker who drinks at home? The husband clearly wants his wife to give up drinking because of the damage it’s causing to her body, as well as their relationship.

Many thanks....



If the wife is an alcoholic but is in denial of her addiction, it isn't helpful if the husband drinks at home. When an alcoholic is in denial, he/she believes that their problem is 'not that bad,' and when the husband drinks (drunk or not) it confirms their twisted thinking that 'he drinks so why can't I'.

To break denial, there should be no alcohol in the house. This doesn't mean that the wife won't go out and get it. It just makes it harder for her, and her need to drink becomes more apparent.

Another way to pressure her, is

not enable her The alcoholic has to suffer the consequences of their behavior. This will lead to arguments and abuse but the partner must stand firm, demanding that the other stop drinking and get help.

Couple counseling can also be suggested and drinking would be discussed because it’s damaging the relationship. Failing all this, Al-Anon can help partners and family members of alcoholic/addicts learn to deal with living with an alcoholic, as well as provide support in the difficult times.

I hope this information is helpful,

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