Teenage Alcoholism

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Teenage alcoholism can be prevented but when your child comes home drunk, you may want to ignore it, believing ‘every kid does gets drunk’. But it’s a parent’s responsibility to tell them at the onset, that it’s not acceptable and that you’re not pleased. Don’t over react, but tell them.

If you’ve noticed that drinking has become a lifestyle remember it’s never too late to stop a teen from becoming an alcoholic Here's a test to see if there's a problem should always be a concern.

Teen Alcoholism Prevention

Whether your child smokes cigarettes, uses drugs or drinks, the family has influence so talk openly about it

Addiction Topics to Discuss

Family history If alcohol or addiction is in the family don’t be shy. Tell them. They may be more at risk of developing addiction then their peers. You can also tell them how to deal with peer pressure

Consequences Kids don’t think of the future. Explain that alcohol abuse and drugs often comes with unsafe sex, drinking and driving, accidents, arrests – Remember that teens live for today, so keep the info related to the present.

Expectations Don’t be afraid to tell them what you expect from them. Children have to know what is acceptable to you, so tell them how you feel.

Unless it’s an isolated incident, alcohol, drugs, smoking, shoplifting should all be taken seriously. Discuss raves, curfews, concerts and be honest not only about your expectations but about consequences.

For information on self-esteem and drugs check this site

If you think that it’s too late to reach your child here are the treatments available for teenage alcoholism and if you have a personal question just ask or if you feel you need a consultation about this problem or would like coaching to empower you to get the direction and support you need. Here's how to get it

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From Teenage Alcoholism to Stop Being Addicted

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