Dealing with Peer Pressure

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Dealing with peer pressure is difficult in the best of times, but it’s particularly difficult for teens. Teenagers want to be accepted by their group. Negative peer pressure can result in shoplifting, drugs and crime and other behaviors that may not otherwise happen. Once you’re in with the group, it’s hard, but not impossible to say ‘no’ – and shoplifting is no exception.

This page deals with teen shoplifting, but whether its' drugs, diet, cigarettes or drinking a teenager has to learn to stand up to peer pressure.

Why Teens Shoplift

There is safety in the group

Fear that they’ll lose friends

To be cool or a big-shot

To get attention

To have what others have

Anger (getting back/ acting out)

How to Deal with Peer Pressure

Try talking them out of it

Give them other alternatives

Say “No” and stand firm. There’s no easy way.

Why NOT to Shoplift

If you get caught, the group won’t help you. You’re alone.

You may be arrested.

You may be charged

You may be banned from the store/mall etc

Shoplifting can be addictive You may end up with a criminal record, which affects college, jobs etc

Your name can stay in a data-base that can be used for employment decisions

If you or someone you know has an addictive personality you can be more likely than your friends to develop shoplifting into a compulsive behavior.

More information on teenage shoplifting

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