Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

An addictive personality can create problems with drugs, alcohol,gambling, compulsive sex, shoplifting, video games and many more compulsive behaviors. Some say that there’s no such thing as ‘addictive personalities’. However, one thing is certain – there are psychological traits that these people share, and if you have these traits, you can be more likely to develop an addiction problem.

Some Addictive Personality Traits

Impulsive behavior

Anti-social Behavior

Compulsive Behavior

Low Self-Esteem


Negativity or Depression

Addictive behavior is escapist behavior. All of us prefer pleasure to pain, so an addiction serves the purpose of escaping from reality for awhile. Food addicts substitute food for stresses in life. This is referred to as emotional eating. Sex addicts escape with sexual behavior and this goes for any of the other compulsive behaviors as well.

Most of us can drink or gamble for the fun of it, but if you have any of the above traits, you are more susceptible to developing an addiction. If you’re an alcoholic or a compulsive gambler you’ve crossed the line and it’s difficult but not impossible to stop this compulsive behavior.

Addictions have entered all levels of our society. We are preoccupied with weight, shopping and with technology comes the new addictions: computer addiction as well as video game addiction
As you know, you can get hooked on recreational drugs but prescription medication can also be addictive.

If you feel that you’re using too much medication, speak to your doctor.

There is no one reason someone becomes an addict.

It’s not only personality. Physiological, social, and psychological components are also involved.

The personality traits are only one of many factors. Understanding the personality traits gives you awareness, that you may be more prone to an addiction than others – but it doesn’t predict it.

If you or someone you know has these addictive personality traits you can change your thinking and learn to handle your life positively and more productively.

Having the traits doesn’t mean you're destined to be addicted.

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