Computer Addiction

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Computer addiction is the latest compulsive behavior. How much time do you spend on the PC? Are you gambling? Having cyber sex? Here's where you'll find out if you're a computer addict.

Just because you spend a lot of time on the computer, doesn't make you an addict. Many people spend time on the PC.

The way you can assess if you're a PC addict, is to ask yourself how long you've been on the net. Ask yourself if you spend more time with the computer then you spend with actual people.

Another clue is how much money you spend on the net. Many have gone into debt with internet gambling, or spent lots of money on internet chat rooms, sex services and cyber games. Check if you have these symptoms.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction

You don't set limits

You lie or cover up how much time you spend on the PC

You compromise your morals and values due to anonymity

You place importance on your computer and defend your behavior

You feel a rush and then feel guilt due to the time spent on line

You feel depressed or anxious when you're interrupted on the computer

You've spent too much money due to charges and other costs on the net.

If you have at least one of these symptoms, you may have a computer addiction and here's what to do.

Tips to Stop PC Addicts

1) Monitor you're browsing time

2) Set times during the day to handle e-mails --personal or otherwise

3) Go cold turkey. No internet for 1 day & work up to a full weekend.

4) During work hours, do work - no surfing, Twitter, Facebook, gambling etc.

5)Go invisible. Disable sound alerts, pop-ups, etc.

6) Restrict your 'play time'

7) Can't sleep? Read, listen to music. Don't go on the computer

8) Go early to bed

9) Get involved in non-computer activities: join a gym, play sports, talk on the phone with friends -- not on line.

10) Create a 'to do' list for your PC so you stay focused when surfing

Similar to other addictions, there is something missing in your life and the computer is filling a void. You may be in a difficult relationship or have sexual issues. The computer becomes a substitute for that. Computer Addiction effects problem gambling Gamblers are always enticed to gamble on line. Many computer addicts can't sleep so they drink and go on the chats. The cyperworld never sleeps. And you don't have to have social skills when you're on the PC.

Video game addiction is a growing problem, and computer addicts are getting younger all the time. If you or someone you know has a problem, get help. Addiction counseling can help you and coaching and recovery coaching is an easy and effective way to get help. Try a free 30 minute session and see if it's for you.

If you have problems with this or other addictions, there are many pages on this site that can help you

If you have a personal question just ask and your question helps others too

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