Are Love Addicts Really Addicts?

Love addicts aren’t taken seriously, but if you’re a sex addict you know it’s not a joke.

Sexual addiction is similar to any other addiction. Here are the facts, so you can see for yourself.

Sex Addiction has been studied by Patrick Carnes and he estimated that 3-6 percent of adults are preoccupied with it. The addiction consumes their thoughts and becomes an obsession, like gambling and food.

Sex addicts engage in risky sexual behavior and if they have an addictive personality it can lead to other addiction – most commonly alcohol and drugs. Similar to other addicts, they feel out of control.

Another doctor, Aviel Goodman of the Minnesota Institute of Psychology found that a chemical imbalance in the brain, similar to the cycle of alcoholism. Like other addicts, love addicts experience tolerance, so they must increase the frequency and intensity of their behavior to get the ‘high’.

The brain triggers physical and psychological arousal and stress related neurotransmitters are involved in compulsive behavior. So when sex addicts become preoccupied with their fantasies, the obsession becomes a compulsion to act on their fantasy and release the stress.

Every addiction has rituals and fantasies and sex acts fuel the imagination in sexual addiction. Fantasies could be about any sexual act, with a known partner, or a repetitive act with a complete stranger. It could be a fetish or anything else they find sexually exciting.

Regardless of consequences, the sexual addict is compelled to carry out what must be done to get relief. And then there is regret – and shame. Then, like all other addicts, they promise themselves never to do it again………until the next time.

Love addicts can get involved in an emotional affair. Sex addicts need treatment but they are secretive and embarrassed about their behavior and have difficulty reaching out for help.

A healthy relationship is possible, so get the help you need. Join a 12-Step program speak to a spiritual leader or get private counseling You can also get help with recovery coaching. You can schedule a free 30 minute session to see if it's for you.

Here's more information on coaching Do whatever it takes to get the help you need.

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