Teens and Drugs

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Teens and drugs are every parent’s nightmare. This problem affects over 1 million teens in the USA. Here’s where you get the information and help you need regarding teenage drug abuse.

Many kids experiment with drugs and most of them don’t get hooked. The ones that are most at risk for addiction are those with family members with a history of substance abuse, low self esteem, don’t fit in and/or are depressed. If you note that your child is at risk, note these symptoms:

Symptoms of Teenage Drug Abuse

- Personality changes, including changes in work or school attendance

- Quality of work, work output, grades, discipline

- Unusual out-breaks of temper

- Withdrawal

- Changes in attitude

- Lost interest in once favorite pursuits

- Changes in friends, reluctance to have them visit or talk about them

- Poor concentration

- Nervousness or aggression

- Secretiveness

- Poor grooming

- Wearing sunglasses or long-sleeves in inappropriate weather

- Borrowing money

- Theft

- Secretive behavior regarding actions and possessions

(Source: National Institute of Health)

Other signs of drug use are: slurred speech, memory lapses, lack of coordination and attention. This depends on the drug or combination of drugs that are used

Teens and Drugs

Teens often don’t use alcohol or drugs during the week but binge on the weekends. This is very common during the high school and college years. Raves and clubs are common places where teens access drugs.

Get Help for Teens

There are many professionals who can help you if you suspect substance abuse

- A physician

- Spiritual leader

- School guidance counselor

-Therapist or addiction counselor

- Social worker

Here’s a self-test for teens and drugs

There are also specific treatment programs that will be helpful.

For teenagers with addiction problems, there are also wilderness programs as well as residential treatment schools.

There are many options and programs to help your teenager. If you have a personal problem and you’d like more information just ask

Coaching and Recovery Coaching is not therapy, but it can be very effective to get the help you need. I also provide consultation, to give you direction for your individual needs. Here's where you learn more

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Self esteem and drugs? check out this site

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