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Contact with a professional is difficult, because all of us want to handle our problems ourselves.

It can be hard to confide in a friend or family member, and burden them with your problems. It’s not only painful, but they may be judgmental. They may also give you bias or wrong advice and no matter how well intentioned, they can make matters worse. Here’s where professional advice comes in. We give you the direction to correctly handle your situation. Professionals are not judgmental. If you think your problem is embarrassing, trust me, I've heard it all before.

Sometimes you simply need to talk to someone to sort things out. We can set up phone session at your convenience or the issue can be addressed by e-mail.

For free advice, with: alcohol, food, drugs, gambling, shoplifting, codependency, sex and relationship problems etc.just send me an e-mail (1 question at a time please).

The hardest part about getting help is reaching out and doing it. But once it's done, you'll say, "What took me so long?"


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy




Family Counseling/Individual Counseling

DOT Assessments (Department of Transport)

Office appointments, phone sessions or e-mail.

If you wish to see me in person here's the office address. Office:

Queen Elizabeth Health Complex 2100 Marlowe, #320 Montreal, P.Q. Canada H4A 3L5

Or contact me on the form below.

Phone office line: 514-288-1891

Be assured that all information, whether by phone or e-mail is confidential.

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