Terms and Conditions Pertaining to Untwist-your-thinking.com coaching services

These are the terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of certain coaching services between you (the ‘customer’) and 3742059 Canada Inc., doing business as Untwist-your-thinking.com.

If you do not agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, you may notify Untwist-your-thinking.com in writing within ten (10) days of your order (and prior to use of the coaching services) and the services will be canceled with no further obligations by either party.

Failure to notify Untwist-your-thinking.com of cancellation within such period shall be deemed to indicate that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

In addition, the customer may elect to purchase additional services from untwist-your- thinking.com or its partners and/or other third parties, which may have their own terms and conditions and acceptable use agreements.

Those agreements will be presented to the customer at the time of purchase and/or account login and it is the customer’s obligation to review, accept and abide by those agreements, as well as this agreement.

The general terms and conditions for all of our services can be found at:http://www.untwist-your-thinking.com/terms.html. In purchasing coaching services from Untwist-your-thinking.com, you agree to by bound by those general terms and conditions, in addition to those stipulated in these presents.

1) Untwist-your-thinking.com will provide the customer with the customer’s chosen coaching service via email, telephone and webinar technology.

2) The customer shall be responsible for the following:- Providing Untwist-your-thinking.com with all relevant information to assist the Coach in providing services to him/her.- His/her own telephone charges, fees and long distance usages or Skype use.- Keeping scheduled appointments with the Coach and providing reasonable advance notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Failure to keep a scheduled appointment without 3 hours advance notice will result in a charge of 15 minutes against the customer’s account to cover the expenses of the coach in preparing for your appointment and waiting time.

3) All coaching services purchased expire 30 days after the later of the date of purchase or the last usage of said services, unless Untwist-your-thinking.com expressly consents to the extension of the usage period of said services.

4) The customer represents to Untwist-your-thinking.com that the customer is at least 18 years old.

5) The customer acknowledges and accepts the following:

a. Untwist-your-thinking.com coaching services are not a replacement for professional medical or psychological services. The customer should not use the Untiest-your-thinking.com web site or its services if the customer is in a violent relationship, has thoughts of hurting himself/herself (ex. suicidal) or someone else, is using anti-psychotic medication or is under 18. In any of the foregoing circumstances, the customer should consult traditional (face-to-face) treatment with a psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist or a medical professional.

b. This agreement is deemed entered into in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada applicable therein. All services provided with respect to this agreement are deemed to be performed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The courts of the Province of Quebec shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide any dispute arising from this agreement, or in relation to Untwist-your-thinking.com and/or the coaching services provided thereby.

c. At the request of the parties, the present agreement is drafted in English only. À la demande des parties, la présente entente est rédigée en anglais seulement.

“Untwist-your-thinking.com” and “Untwist-your-thinking” are trademarks of 3742059 Canada Inc. http://www.untwist-your-thinking.com/terms.html