Treatment for Alcohol

There can be many forms of treatment for alcohol addiction. You may not always need meetings or treatment in rehab. Some people have to quit on their own terms.

There's no cookie cutter solution

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I gave the client a written assessment, which revealed the actual level of alcohol/drug abuse. As a general rule, a dependent person should be referred to a rehab for treatment, but sometimes I'm truly amazed.

Once a former client, who was 35 years old when he scheduled an appointment under the pressure of his mother. He was always a 'party animal' but the party now began every night and he and his wife were on the verge of divorce.

When I gave him a written assessment, he scored off the chart for alcohol and was in the 95th percentile for drugs. He smoked pot every day and occasionally used cocaine. With these results, I suggested a rehab, but he refused all forms of treatment for alcohol addiction as well as for drugs.

I suggested meetings and his response was that he hated AA meetings and wouldn't go, saying "I'm not one of those people" but he was. I told him he needed treatment for alcohol addiction and with a score that he was dependent. But he swore he'd do it alone. So, with the intention of demonstrating to him that his addiction was too far gone, I took on his case. I figured that through the counseling process he'd see for himself - but he didn't.

He began with a very rocky start, occasionally coming stoned to session, but still he persisted, refusing to attend AA meetings between sessions and absolutely refused any treatment for his alcohol addiction. He was stubborn and I believed that I was making no impact on him whatsoever, but slowly, very slowly, therapy started to kick in and we began to see results. Because of this client's personality, I did not suggest complete abstinence. I worked in a Harm Reduction Model, cutting back rather than abstaining. This treatment for alcohol addiction and drugs teaches the client he/she must reduce the alcohol and/or drug intake, all the while confronting the 'twisted thinking', until he comes to the realization that his dependency has been ruining his life.

Through therapy, he developed new coping strategies, but he still couldn't get over the fact that he can't drink socially 'like normal people'. Then one day, after an unexpected relapse, something clicked. He came to the session with a new revelation. He told me 'there was no point taking a drink'. "Why's that?" I asked. Then he told me that he drinks for the buzz, and when I allowed him 1 drink he didn't get it. He said that if he doesn't feel a buzz "well what's the point."

He finally GOT IT, and when he did, (much to my surprise) he stopped drinking, drugs - and even cigarettes - and he never went back. So what does this man do for fun? Certainly not drinking and drugs. He goes to the gym, plays golf and other sports and spends most of his spare time with family and friends.

"I guess I'm normal," he said with a smile, "I'm high on life."

According to all the criteria and statistics, this man should not have made it, but - in spite of many relapses, he never gave up.

So even when the odds are against you, it's important never to give up.

If you or someone you know has a problem, there are many forms of treatment for alcohol addiction. Seek advice from your doctor or a mental health professional. A rehab with follow-up counseling services may also be the answer.

And there are many pages on this site that can help you.

For treatment for alcohol addiction and drugs check AA this is a great support for thousands around the world. There is also Al-anon for families and Ala-teen for youth. When searching the web, you'll find many unofficial sites for AA. The link above is official - so like anything else 'buyer beware'.

You are not alone. Reach out and you'll get help.

The elderly may also be addicted to alcohol and drugs

Drug problems? Here's the NA site

Have more questions? Asking costs you nothing.
Drinking and party drugs don't mix.

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