Alcoholic Child

by Anonymous

Our adult son, in his twenties, has had drug and alcohol issues’ for which he sought help independently from us. He held a job and confined most drinking to the weekends.

In the past year he lost his job, his long-term girlfriend moved out of their apartment, so he couldn't make the rent. He moved in with us and got a couple jobs, but only part time, and is now out of work again.

He says he wants to get clean, as he is drinking daily. The problem as we see it is that he has been staying with a married woman, who is a long-term alcoholic. She has been hospitalized for DTs and other health issues due to this. She now says she wants to go to rehab and he wants to go with her.

We said we will help, but only if he leaves her alone, as there are problems with her bi-polar husband.

We think she is destructive, not supportive. If he won't leave her alone, he will be homeless.

Are we right to draw this line?


Your son is an alcoholic and is living with a married woman who is also an alcoholic. This is an adult child and he is living his life his way. You have no power over the way he is living, however, you’re entitled to express your opinion and stand firm.

You must not feel sorry for his circumstances. If your son seriously wants to change, he should not be living with an alcoholic. He can go to AA meetings, or go into rehab get help on his own.

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