Are you a binge drinker?

Are you a binge drinker? How do you know if you’re an alcoholic, when everyone around you drinks and gets drunk just like you? That’s a tricky subject, because the drinking public-- associates many positive aspects of a lifestyle with alcohol. Think of the beer ads, the parties on the beach etc. Alcohol is identified with being cool, young and happy, there’s never even a suggestion that it can also destroy your life.

There is nothing at all about a glass or two of wine with dinner, or taking a drink as a ‘social lubricant’, but binge drinking is more than that. It’s about drinking an inordinate amount of alcohol simply to get drunk.

Alcoholism is sometimes described as the inability to get through the day without a drink, binge drinkers deny that they have a problem. They don’t drink every day. They may not drink every week, but when they do, they lose it. Take this test and see if you have an alcohol problem

Definition of binging

This is one definition of binge drinking: Over-indulgence on a regular basis.

For men: five or more drinks in a single sitting For Women: four or more drinks in one sitting.

Another definition of the binge drinker is one who consumes twice the recommended amount of alcohol – as defined by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Men: two drinks per day 14 per week.

Women: one drink per day, nine per week – and have different addiction problems than men One standard drink equals 12 oz. of beer, five oz. of wine, three oz. of fortified wine (16-18% alcohol) or 1.5 oz. of liquor.

Types of Bingers

There are different types of bingers and different reasons why people abuse alcohol.

1. De-stressers-- use alcohol to relax and calm down after a hectic day. This often applies to hard-driving professionals.

2. Conformists-- the need to belong to a certain social group. This can apply equally to blue-collar workers, or those who gather at the country club.

3. The bored-- seek stimulation and comfort in the bottle. These people are not to be satisfied until they drink until they’re drunk.

4. Depressives-- need security and comfort. Depression and alcohol are old friends; they have a history of occurring together.

CAMH has some practical tips for avoiding binge-drinking—

1) consume food with alcohol,

2) wait an hour between drinks,

3) alternate glasses of wine with water or fruit juice. But the hard truth is that most people who binge have underlying issues that need to be addressed before they can get their drinking under control. Here is where Here are the services I provide


There may be a genetic predisposition for heavy drinking. But genetics are not destiny: Researchers believe that a person’s drinking patterns are also affected by attitudes developed during childhood and young adulthood. Family relationships, parental example, peer influence and the society all contribute to your perception of alcohol.

So if you are a parent, and you are a heavy drinker, you are not only harming yourself, you’re sending a message to your kids. Excessive alcohol leads to liver damage and increased risk of cancer. Drinking is responsible for car accidents and workplace-related injuries. Alcohol causes weight gain, skin damage, damages the bones and heart, ruins relationships, destroys your mind as well as your body women, but once you’re wired to hard drinking, all you’re thinking of is lightening up, relaxing, or having a good time.


help is available You can also get help through support groups, coaching or counseling depending on your needs and requirements. But whatever you do, help is available & all you have to do is take the first step and get it.

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