Chronic alcoholic -- what to do?

by Anonymous

After multiple interventions for a 67 year old chronic alcoholic he recently has gone on another binge.

The longest he has been sober is 2 years and most recently for 6 months. He has been hospitalized and medical detox . He has been in 30 day inpatient treatment 6X.

My question is where do we as family and friends go from here?

Just 2 weeks ago, he agreed to go to the hospital with his daughter after going on a one week binge. He has had surgery on his esophagus and was given prescriptions to help him cope with withdrawals, etc.

We have tried tough love, encouragement, support, moving him in with his daughter, contacting SRS, etc. Do we just leave him alone knowing that he may end up drinking himself to death? What can or should we do to be a support to him without enabling him?


Family and friends have done everything, however this man refuses to stop drinking. It’s heartbreaking, however he has control over his life, and everyone must lean to accept that. In reality, he will do what he wants to do and you have no choice other than let him do it.

All concerned must tell him that they are sick of watching him kill himself with drink, that you’re there for him if he’s there for himself. Do not encourage his drinking in any way, by driving him to a bar, giving him money etc. His alcoholism has to run it’s course – and hopefully he’ll seek help on his own, AA members welcome everyone. All he has to do is walk in the door. Encourage that he does this, but nothing else.

Family members should go to Al-Anon or seek counseling for support because there are so many emotions that have to be dealt with.

Hopefully he’ll get help before it’s too late.

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