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Start eating less. Stop food addiction and emotional eating. Recover from being a food addict and get control of your love/hate relationship with food.

Food addiction is based on emotional eating. Learn to recover from being a food addict and get control of your love/hate relationship with food.

Is food always on your mind? Do you think about what you’re having for lunch right after you’ve finished breakfast? What about leftovers? Are there any? Can you open a bag of chips or cookies, take one and close the bag and leave it – or if you do, will you eventually go back and finish the bag? If this sounds like you, you may be an emotional eater – a food addict.

Want to be Eating Less?

Just like in any other addiction, a food addict escapes from stress/anxiety or other feelings by escaping into food. This escape provides temporary relief, but after the ‘binge’ you not only feel stuffed, but you feel guilty.

In our Western society, we are told that we have to look a certain way and that it’s not only unhealthy to overeat, but being overweight is a message to the world that you don’t measure up. – that you have little self-control. This type of thinking diminishes your self esteem. It tells you that you’re a failure, and food becomes an obsession

Stop Food Addiction

We have all kinds of stresses in our lives: anger, frustration, loneliness, fear, happiness, boredom, you get the picture. When you’ve learned how to soothe yourself with food, you’ll get a craving to eat. Whenever these feelings arise. you’ll actually feel hungry, although you know that you’re hungry – you just ate. Sometimes you say ‘I’ll just have only one, but one always leads to another, and another. In emotional eating, you’re escaping from feelings. You’re hard wired for pleasure with eating – oral gratification.

Start Eating Less

1) Understand your feelings. When you’re ‘hungry’ between meals, ask yourself what’s really going on and deal with it. Eating won’t solve your problems. It relieves pressure for the moment.

2) Cravings. Funny how we never crave fruits and veggies. It’s always carbs. A craving doesn’t last longer than an hr. but it feels much longer than that. Do something. Exercise, go out for a walk, call a friend. Fill your mind with other things and the cravings with disappear.

3) Do not clean up everything on your plate. When you’re full, stop eating.

4) Don’t go on strict diets. When you’re restricted, eventually you’ll give in and binge on whatever you’ve been prevented from eating. You can become obsessed with this and that’s not the way to go.

5) Don’t hide food. Think. Why hide it. From whom? You know what you’re doing. You can’t hide from yourself. Take responsibility for you’re your behavior.

6) No guilt. What you did you did. Once again, you have to take responsibility for doing what you did. Guilt serves no purpose other than making you feel worse.

7) Reward yourself for small improvements. Remember that overcoming a food addiction takes time, but if other can do it so can you.

8) If you have a slip, get right back on track. You may need a little support. Check Overeaters Anonymous This is a 12-step program. You may also be helped by private counseling My office is in the Montreal area but you can also set up a phone appointment anywhere you are. This is done by phone or on Skype.

I'm available for coaching or recovery coaching as well. This process is not therapy, but it's an effective way of getting to your goal of eating less and getting control. To find out if coaching is for you, try out a free 30 minute session to get to overcome a food addiction and stop the obsession, once and for all.

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