Love Advice for a Healthy Relationship

Basic to any love advice is to respect each others differences - no anger, blame, control or being codependent. This is primary tool to developing and keeping healthy love relationships.

Both of you are different people, so it’s only normal to see things differently and disagree. How you argue, matters. No one should say diminishing things and hurtful things - even in anger. No insults, no put downs. Remember, things said in anger can’t be taken back – even if you didn’t mean it. Or you apologized a million times. What’s been said was said and you may be forgiven, but you can’t take back your words.

Words matter. Don’t hurt each other.

The problem arises if you're codependent or a relationship addict it may be hard for you to do

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are based on loving and caring for each other. This is a partnership and your partner should also be your best friend. It’s important to be considerate and not be demanding, judgmental or condescending. This type of behavior builds anger and resentment. Even if they don’t say so, your partner will be hurt. If they don’t lash out in anger, the person will shut down. It is very hard to re-develop or keep healthy relationship when no one’s talking.

So it all comes back to respect

Your partner should never be considered a ‘possession’ -to do what you want them to do – or else. There should be no conditions on your love for each other. This is not what a couple is about. Compromising is part of a healthy relationship. It’s not ‘you better do what I said…..” This is not the way to have a loving relationship. The love advice here would be to tell you that this behavior is unacceptable. No healthy relationship is about power and control.

Don’t control your partner.

Anger in Healthy Relationships

It’s normal to have differences even when you’re best friends – but you must open up to your partner and talk about it. Listen to what the other person is saying. They may not even know that you’re hurting. We’re not mind readers , so it’s really important to express yourself. Talk about your feelings, but also listen to what they have to say and come to an understanding.

Don’t hold grudges – talk about it

Codependent Relationships

In a codependent relationship, there is self-sacrifice. It’s not a healthy relationship because it’s based on fear – if I don’t do this, he/she will not love me. He/she will leave. Love is not based on fear. (More love advice) for a healthy relationship

more love advice for a healthy relationship Don’t sacrifice yourself for the relationship.

Here's a site for marriage and relationship advice

Free Love Advice for a Healthy Relationship

So here’s the summary:

Respect each others differences

Don’t say hurtful thing – even in anger.

Don’t use power/control in the relationship

Talk about it – don’t hold grudges.

No self sacrificing

Find out if you are you in a codependent relationship?

The biggest mistake people make when looking for a relationship

It’s been my experience that if both partners want to improve the relationship, couple counseling always works. And if you have a personal question no problem, just ask, and help others as well.

You may also simply need a consultation or coaching
It’s easy and less expensive than an office visit, and you can talk to me at your convenience,anywhere -- on phone or Skype. Try a free 1/2 hr session to see if your like it.

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship!
If you or someone you know is involved in an abusive relationship there is additional helpful information on this site to help you.

For a healthy relationship you need self-esteem
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