Online Counseling and Coaching

Online counseling or getting a consultation on the phone or Skype has proven to be an effective way to get professional help. If you are busy or out of town, you can receive online counseling, coaching or a consultation for a crisis without leaving your home or office.

For a crisis You can receive the support and advice you need, whenever or wherever you need it. That's how effective this process is!!

Coaching is more active and directive. We work with the immediate problem, set the goals and close the issues. Technology makes it easy. You don't have to be in the Montreal area. We set aside a time -- and it's done. That Simple!!

See If Online Coaching Is Right For You!

Online counseling or coaching addresses issues and gives you techniques to handle them. ex. If your goal is to lose weight, and you've followed every diet in the book, a coach should not simply motivate you. You get techniques to stay on track to be where you want to be.

The first thing that you should know is that coaching is not therapy.

As in sports, the coach helps you, motivates you, gives you direction, but you’re the one who has to take the ball and run with it. You’re the one who has to take the lead and know what you want to accomplish -- and I'm quite sure you do.

You set the goals for that particular session, but you don’t have to worry. If you don’t know what you want to achieve from a session, a good coach will guide you to the next level

The aim of Recovery coaching, is to help you regain confidence and overcome the challenges in your new life without substances. You work on relapse prevention, as well a handling life's challenges

Recovery Coaching, does not conflict with a 12 step program. It compliments the program and gives you more emotional depth.

Coaching can take you beyond the 12 steps.

It’s also an ideal support for aftercare after rehab. You explore and test new options, all the while focusing on relapse prevention and creating a positive future for yourself and your loved ones.

This is very effective if you’ve had a slip

Why Coaching Works

An experienced coach should be a specialist in the field and should be able to identify patterns that you may or may not see. The coach is your partner, guiding you to implement solutions, but also giving you alternatives to prevent a problem.

A good coach not only gets improvement, but empowers you to be the person that you want to be.

This is one of the fastest ways to tackle challenging problems as well as develop personal growth

When Is Good Time?

When you know what you want: lose weight, stop gambling etc. -- don't put it off. Problems don't resolve themselves.

If you’ve been trying and trying and keep falling back or you’re overwhelmed with challenges and stuck in a rut, NOW is the perfect time to get help.

How Do I Get Good Online Counseling or Coaching?

Anyone can call themselves a coach. There are even simple courses and certificates you can get on the internet, so ask many questions. Your coach should not only have a certificate. He or she should have credentials as well as being knowledgeable, experienced, and have a good rapport with you.

But credentials don’t say everything. I don’t believe that anyone should hire coach who doesn’t give you a free session. You should like and respect the person you’ve chosen and you can only do that if you speak to them, before you making any financial commitment.

"Every time we've finished our call, I am grateful that I found you on the web, and always look forward to speaking to you again.” Melanie G

The Cost

A good coach isn’t cheap, but coaching is not a long-term process. An experienced coach will get you there faster. You’ll improve quickly and learn new techniques and ideas in each session.

If you're worried about cost, take a moment and think about it this way.

Although you book coaching, online counseling or a consultation by the hour, you're not paying for the hour, you're paying for the result. The benefit of coaching should last for the rest of your life. My Price Page

You can put a price on the call, but how can you put a price on changing your life?

Will Coaching Work For You?

That depends. Unless you have deep emotional problems, hiring an experienced coach works for most people but there are exceptions.

You need to have the drive and initiative want to work with a coach. You have to want to change and be open to making those changes.

Some people choose to have sessions 1x per week, others prefer more, some less. If it's a crisis, a CONSULTATION may be all that's necessary.

We’ll see what works best emotionally and financially when we talk in the free 30 minute session. We’ll also discuss the alternatives if you prefer not to pay on the internet. Once again, I repeat. I don't want you to throw your money out for nothing.

"I am so confident that you’ll benefit from your online counseling, coaching or your consultation, that if you don’t, just tell me, and the session will be refunded – no hassle. You have nothing to lose. That’s my personal guarantee."

Don’t hire a coach unless you seriously want to change.

If you do, make an appointment for a free 30 minute session and decide for yourself if coaching is for you. Make the commitment to finally change your life!

For coaching, online counseling or consultation, here’s what to do

I use PayPal because it's safe, but you don't have to sign up with an account. You can uses any credit card that you like.

My personal guarantee: "I am so confident that you’ll benefit from your session, that if you don’t, just tell me, and your session will be refunded – no hassle. You have nothing to lose."

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