Psychic Power

by Julie
(Ontario, Canada)

I am a 47yr old woman in a long distance relationship for 1yr.

My boyfriend thinks I’ve been cheating on him. First , it was his neighbor. He thought I was staring at him when we were getting into his truck. Next was a text, from someone I didn’t know, that came through on my phone. It said, ‘this is your Ted”. There are all kinds of accusations.

I am not a cheater and have never been unfaithful to anyone I’ve been with. He tells me that he doesn’t have proof that I’ve been unfaithful, however recently he hired are a psychic. She told him that I am unfaithful, and evil and I bring negative energy into his life. She told him that she’s going to give him names of the men I supposedly have been with. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I respect myself and have morals.

I ended the relationship on Friday night, because I couldn’t handle his accusations anymore but it didn’t last. I tried texting him throughout the day on Saturday. He blocked me, so I decided not to contact him at all, but the next day, he contacted me and we talked. Nothing was resolved. I can’t continue with this relationship unless he trusts and believes me. I suggested that we go to couple counseling for this trust issue and he agreed.

Here’s the problem: How do I compete with the psychic, who is telling him what she sees in the
cards and what she hears from spirits and higher powers. He believes everything she’s told him.


It astounds me how many intelligent, rational people blindly follow their psychic’s advice.

The worst case I’ve encountered was a client who worked with her husband in the family business and thought he was having an affair. She hired a private investigator, who found nothing. Her psychic, who made “house-calls” to their work place, confirmed her belief and arguments became so bad, that she intended to file for divorce.

Another client, who was looking for a serious relationship, went to a popular psychic as a ‘night out with the girls’. She was told that there were no prospects in the cards but then she remembered that she had an appointment with me and asked herself, “What would Bev say?” She went to another psychic, who told her the complete opposite of the first. By the way, she’s married today and that has nothing to do with either psychic.

Psychic’s work with your belief system, your body language and your verbal cues. There is no evidence that they can predict the future, but some of them can be very good at what they do.

The fact that your boyfriend wants to go with you for couple counseling is a good thing. Discuss the psychic with the counselor. However, before you set an appointment, demand that your boyfriend stop talking to the psychic. If he doesn’t stop talking to her, couple counseling won't have a chance.


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