Relationships, Sex, Drugs, Food, Smoking and Drinking

by Anonymous

I am a 27year old woman and these are all problems I face -- if it's not one it's the other.

I have experienced a lot in my life -- from a drug-addicted father, a brother being molested, addicted to crystal meth (which I overcame). I Thought I found the perfect guy and had his child and then the relationship fell apart. This led to my child being removed and now is in the care of my mum.

I am trying, but yet I feel as if nothing is good enough so I resort to the "subject line". I need help and guidance in how to stop and be happy, healthy, active and successful. I have it in me, I've been there and this time I want to stay there. What do I do?


What you’re describing is cross-addictions. In other words, once you have one addiction under control, another comes in to take it’s place – drug addiction, food addiction, sex addiction and so on…….

You can hold on for awhile, but then the anxiety kicks in and the old behavior or another negative one kicks in. There are probably a lot of unresolved issues, that can be helped with therapy and/or 12-step groups.

In the mean time don’t dwell on the negative. Make a ‘grateful list’, and be grateful that your mom is able to take care of your child, so you have the opportunity to care for yourself.

Focus on your physical health. Eat well, exercise etc. Open your life to positive people. Learn to reduce your stress, through yoga, meditation, music, spirituality.

Unfortunately, there is no quick solution. Changing behavior takes time and it’s a process. Be good to yourself – one day at a time.

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