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by: Anonymous

In regards to shoplifting: I have since appeared at court and was fined fixed penalty on the first charge and admonished on other charges.

The court was sympathetic when my solicitor told them my circumstances. I am finding it hard to stay out of the shops but I'm doing it. My doctor has referred me for counseling so I hope that helps to. I'm back on my meds also.

Since all this has happened I'm sleeping better -- not out of woods yet but getting there.

by: lesley

Thank you for your reply to my blog about shoplifting. However, I did not like the bit that the police or the public has no time or sympathy for shoplifters. It was actually the police that suggested I go to my doctor -- maybe a first, I don?t know. But for the 1st time I felt someone actually cared and it was nice not to be treated like dirt. It?s really scary and horrible and degrading when you are caught, even though you don?t set out to do it. You still do. It is this an addiction.

When I last got caught I had a trifle coffee and whiskey. I?m not mad or anything. The last few days I've kept out of shops but feel physically sick n stressed out. I can?t go on like this.


Most shoplifters are not referred to their doctors. You are lucky to have had a positive experience. I hope you get help with medication and counseling. Help is available for shoplifting, but you have to find it.

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