How to Quit Smoking Pot

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Want to stop smoking pot? Get the tips and the support you need to finally be free of smoking marijuana, thinking about it and finally be free of weed.

Half of US teens have tried marijuana before leaving high school, and although they may have tried it – just like alcohol – not every one of them gets hooked.

But if you’ve been smoking more than just occasionally, the drug is addictive and a pot-head is anything but cool.

After smoking, there’s not much motivation to do anything. You feel sluggish, memory and concentration is off. Coordination, reaction time, and cognitive ability is affected.

When you stop smoking pot, like every other drug, you’ll feel withdrawal.

Some symptoms of smoking weed are: anger and irritability. There may be anxiety, stomach pains, frustration and irritability.

You should always tell others that you intend to quit and prepare them for these side effects.

Side effects of smoking marijuana don’t last forever Be patient. Getting yourself back on track will be worth it.

How to Stop Smoking Marijuana

- Write down your reasons for quitting. These will serve as reminders when you have cravings.

- Don’t have any drugs, rolling paper etc around.

- Eat well. Most likely, your diet has suffered with weed and the ‘munchies’

- Do healthy activities. Join a gym, participate in sports, jog etc.

- Listen to music, relax etc. You may get cravings here, but cravings don’t last Breathe deeply. Compliment yourself for NOT using.

- Avoid the people, places and things that remind you of smoking pot

- Spend time with positive people.

Don’t be upset if you slip. It happens. Just get back on track.

Once you have a slip, your cravings may come more frequently, but they will also stop. This is all part of the process.

Don’t think of yourself as weak if you need support to quit. You’re foolish if you don’t use the support that’s out there Marijuana Anonymous may be helpful. Or you may prefer Recovery Coaching to stay on track which addresses your individual needs, because you’re one-on-one. No one will judge you for getting help.

More on the effects of marijuana Still not sure if you should stop smoking pot. Take this simple test
Have a personal question about yourself or a family member just ask

Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

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