Effects of Marijuana

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Side effects of marijuana can cause permanent damage. There’s a tenancy think that because many people smoke marijuana, that it’s harmless and not addictive. I’ve seen what happens to those who abuse pot and let me assure you, pot is definitely not harmless. Here’s the information on the short term and long term effects of pot.

Short Term Effects

Feeling tired and sluggish

Impaired or reduced short term memory

Elevated heart rate (potential cardiac problem with pre-existing heart disease

Dry mouth

Bloodshot eyes

Decreased inhibitions



Impaired or reduced comprehension

Altered motivation and cognition

Psychological dependence

Problems learning, memory, judgment and perception

Problems retaining information, listening, concepts

Anxiety and panic attacks

Motor coordination

Long Term Effects

Reducing or extinguishing sexual pleasure

Increase in testosterone levels for women

Increased risk of infertility for women

Decreased testosterone levels and lower sperm count

Enhanced cancer risks.

A person smoking 5 joints a week, may be taking in as many carcinogens as a pack a day smoker.
Take a pot test to find out if you have a marijuana addiction.

Want to stop smoking pot? Here are some tips to quit.
Pot is also used with alcohol and other drugs, making its effects even stronger.

Want more information on the effects of marijuana and addiction. And if you've been smoking and are functional why quit weed?

Have a question? here's how to ask. A great way to get help is with coaching. This is similar but not the same as counseling. It's faster and more direct. It's like being on a team -- You set the goal for your coaching session and your coach gives you the direction to get you there. Here's more info on coaching If you think you or someone else has an addiction to marijuana or other drugs there are many pages on this site. Go into the Google Search box

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Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

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