Why Not Smoke Weed?

When you smoke weed and function, why stop smoking? I’m often asked this question. Smoking marijuana has become so common that when I do a drug assessment and ask the question ‘do you use drugs?’ The client will tell me, and usually doesn’t mention marijuana. So I specifically ask, “what about weed?’ This is met with surprise: ‘Weed? Oh sure I smoke weed’—but weed is not a problem.”

I’m not here to preach the right or wrong of smoking marijuana. Many people maintain a good career and quality of life and don’t develop a dependency. Others -- particularly those who are coping with chronic disease – benefit from the effects of relaxation and pain reduction. However, smoking marijuana is not harmless, and there are costs as well as benefits. Weigh the costs with the benefits and aside from the legal issues, these reasons can help you make an informed decision, when you smoke marijuana and ask yourself ‘why quit?’

Why Stop Smoking Pot

Breathing problems: Marijuana takes a huge toll on the respiratory system. You inhale deeply and your lungs can be burnt from inhaling the smoke. You can also develop a dry cough -- the “weed smokers’ cough”.

Nasal Problems: Your nose develops more mucus. When you wake up, the nasal congestion can feel as if you have a cold or suffer from allergies.

Carcinogens: You know cigarettes cause cancer. Marijuana has more carcinogens then cigarettes. You also inhale deeper, so you’re causing yourself even more damage.

Premature Aging: Just as tobacco affects the aging of your skin and discolors your teeth, pot does the same thing. If you stop smoking, your eyes will look clearer, your skin will be smoother and the color of your skin will look healthier.

Energy: When you smoke weed it makes you lethargic. You don’t feel like doing much and you’re OK doing nothing. You don’t have the energy or motivation, to jog, play sports, or participate in activities. Basically, you become boring.

Relationships: Your relationships with non smokers are affected. When you’re stoned, you don’t want to be with them and they aren’t interested in hanging around with you either.

Sleep: Smoking marijuana before bed disrupts the sleep cycle. When you quit (although you may think it doesn’t affect you) you’ll sleep better.

Regulation: Marijuana, is not regulated so there is no standardization. This means that it can be laced with anything. You can buy weed and not get the high you’re expecting, or it may be laced with anything – and who knows what the result will be.

Addiction: You can become dependent on marijuana. Like alcohol or any other drug, you develop a tolerance and need to use more to get the same effect.

Drugs affect people in different ways ex. some get ‘the munchies’ – not all. Continuous use can also affect your sex life. This test will help see if you should continue to smoke weed And if you think you have a problem, you can make changes with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) works to change your life You can to learn to overcome anxiety – drug free, and the CBT way of thinking will change your negativity

You can also get help any time, any where, on the phone or on Skype with coaching or recovery coaching Try a free 30 minute session to see how you like it

An added benefit: If you’re effective on pot, you’ll probably be amazed how powerful you’d be when you stop smoking.

Pot smoker's handwriting changes. Here's a site that exposes personality traits by analyzing handwriting strokes in a personal, fun, educational, and entertaining manner.

These tips will help you if you to stop smoking weed

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