Teen Binge Drinking

Teen binge drinking occurs frequently on college campuses and this is a particular concern, because the end result could be alcohol poisoning – every parent’s nightmare. Another problem is that teen binge drinkers can risk mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, and these disorders can be carried into their adult lives.

Definition of Binge drinking

Binge drinking refers to any period of over-consumption of alcohol—

5 or more drinks for men

4 or more for women -- at least once in the previous two weeks (Three or more episodes in two weeks is considered heavy binge drinking.)

Reasons for teen binge drinking

Pressure to conform:

Teens are especially vulnerable to binge drinking because there is a certain amount of pressure to conform with their peers. Most teens want to be a member of a group and if they’re invited to party and don’t want to be left out.

Right of passage:

Getting considerably drunk has become a ‘right of passage’ into adulthood. Many parents also ignore that there may be an alcohol problem. They seem to think that teen binging is a phase that will be outgrown – but this is not necessarily try


During the years when young men and women are concerned about their ability to find friends (and lovers), alcohol has the ability to relieve inhibition. A person can change their image from ‘shy’ to a ‘party animal’ increasing their popularity status overnight.


The media links alcohol with being ‘cool and having ‘fun’. The drunks at the party, never fails to get attention on social networking sites like Face Book – not to mention, being talked about the next day. While it may seem funny to see someone falling down or slurring their words, these symptoms are actually a sign of toxicity, and can lead to death.

Academic Stress:

When you’re under pressure to get good grades as well as have a social life, a teen may have difficulty balancing the pressure. Alcohol has a tendency of lightening the pressure – and binging gets you to entirely forget the pressure.

Binge Drinking Dangers


Teens can feel invincible in the best of times, and add alcohol and the euphoria that a drunk teenager can experience and you have a deadly combination. Drinking and driving is a dangerous mix.

Unprotected sex and more

and the consequences --sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy etc. Studies show that binge drinkers are more likely to be overweight and have high blood pressure by their 24th birthday and short-term -- young drinkers face weight gain and bad complexions.


Alcohol depresses the nerves that control breathing.


Someone who’s had too much alcohol may vomit, which can lead to choking. Even after someone has passed out, their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can continue to rise as alcohol in the stomach and intestines continue to infiltrate the blood stream. Thus “sleeping it off” is not a sure-fire cure.

Alcohol poisoning kills

Parental Influence

While peer pressure is a strong determinant, parents have a great deal of influence over their child’s drinking behavior. A study from Brigham Young University suggests that parents who demonstrate authority are less likely to have children who drink heavily. A combination of support and control seems to help the child learn to control their drinking behavior.

What parents should do:

Monitor their child’s behavior,

Ask where they are going,

Inquire about friends

Don’t be ‘nosy’ and judgmental, but show your child you care and you’re concerned about them. Here’s a test the kids can try
Teens who believe that drinking is the norm may be more likely to over-indulge and binge.

If you think that you’re child may be having a problem with alcohol or drugs, don’t ignore it, hoping that your child is going through a phase. Most children experiment and never develop a problem, but there are simple tests to find out if your child fits within the norm Addiction specialists assess this Teen binge drinking and excessive drinking is a symptom, do be proactive and do something. Don’t let a simple issue blow up into a serious problem.If you have a question about this subject here's how to ask

A consultation can give you the advice you need.

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