Understanding Teenage Addiction

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Teenage addiction to alcohol and drugs is every parent’s nightmare, and parenting a teenager with this problem, can make your life a living hell. Sometimes, as horrible as it sounds, you can even wish that you’re child was never born.

So how does teenage addiction happen?

That sweet angel child who was once the focus of your hopes and dreams, now intimidates you, steals, and even may resort to prostitution to maintain their habit. Parents usually ask “What did I do wrong?” Some say that they gave their children everything – and they never appreciated it. Others blame their circumstances and they always blame themselves for having a teenage addict. First let me tell you that alcohol and drugs provides us with equal opportunity. There is no age, race, or economic status that substance abuse doesn’t effect.

You may or may not have influenced your child's substance abuse. So continuing to blame yourself serves no purpose other than make you more miserable than you already are.

You are not alone with this problem

There’s no one reason for substance abuse. The theory states that there is a bio-psycho-social components to the problem. In other words if there is a genetic predisposition to become addicted, a strong psychological effect as well as being in a peer group that uses, then there’s a good chance that your child may be vulnerable. They're also vulnerable to binge drinking

Many teens use drugs and alcohol, but only 10% will develop a substance abuse problem.

When there is has a substance abuse problem you can’t just ‘stop’. It’s a compulsion to keep on using drugs and alcohol, regardless of what you say or do.

There are also other impulse control behaviors: gambling, sex, co-dependency, internet, compulsive eating, that are referred to as “process addictions” - and often these behaviors are combined with abusing substances.

If you think that your child may have an problem, no amount of bribing, screaming, crying will make them stop – and not giving them an allowance won’t stop them either. They’ll find the money, one way or another. There are pages on this site that can help you.

Knowledge will give you the power to do what you must. Consult a physician or substance abuse counselor. Check out rehabs and other treatment But make sure that you know the signs No matter what you do, don’t over react. Sometimes the situation seems more problematic than it actually is, but you need to get the appropriate help to handle it.

Often a consultation, coaching or recovery coaching, although not therapy, provides you with what you need.

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For a specific question on teenage addiction, just ask.

Chrystal meth has become a new trend.

Self esteem and drugs? Check out this site

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