Alcoholism Disease

Alcoholism disease is chronic, but many believe alcoholism is not a disease in the first place. If alcoholism is not a disease is calling it a sickness an excuse to be alcoholic?

In 1991 the American medical Association proclaimed that alcoholism was a disease. Like all diseases, it starts slowly and gets progressively worse until there is a dependency on alcohol, leading to a chronic condition -- alcoholism disease.

Alcoholism has been described as chronic, progressive and having the possibly of death. Having an addictive personality is often determined the reason for the problem. But there are many factors that come into play :

Genetic factors: if there are alcoholic family members there may be a predisposition to alcoholism.

Psychological factors: many emotions can affect some people to drink more than others.

Social factors: alcohol plays a part in many social activities and there can be a belief that without a drink there's no fun. There isn’t only one reason that someone becomes addicted, but as the addiction worsens, cravings become stronger and as well as the lies and the manipulation to get a drink. This puts pressure on relationships as well as affecting their studies or employment.

Alcoholics can consume large quantities of alcohol, endangering their physical and emotional health. And if the alcoholic is elderly the effects can be heightened.

Women drinkers have particular problems and also risk fetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause deformities to an unborn child.

Alcoholism also leads to impotency as well as cancer, heart disease, liver disease etc. and even death.

Do you have alcoholism disease?

The AA model is a disease model. All drinking and drugs must be eliminated and to handle the psychological factors they follow the 12 steps.
Others say it is not – that cravings are similar to an obsession. One has to learn to handle the obsessive thinking as well as avoid drinking. Whether you consider it to be a disease or an obsession, studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) gets the best results with all obsessive behavior, with or without attending meetings.

Whether you believe that alcoholism disease is an illness or not really doesn’t matter. The fact is that help is available and it’s important to get help – but there is no magic solution. I tell my clients that whether they believe that this is a disease or not, they should think of it like it is, take diabetes for example. This is a chronic illness, but when you restrict yourself with your diet and take your medication you can live a normal healthy life.

It takes commitment to change your life and learn new coping strategies. Ask any recovering alcoholic, or any partner of an alcoholic, they’ll tell you that the benefits of a sober life are worth it.

If you've recently had a slip or you've left rehab, recovery coaching is very effective. Coaching is not therapy. Similar to a game, your coach works for you to get you where you want to be. Learn more about recovery coaching
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