How to End a Relationship

How to end a relationship is often a difficult question with no easy answer. The end of a relationship can be tough for both parties, but normally people side with the person being dumped. The dumper is seen as the bad guy. However, prior to the end of a relationship, many people experience great stress -- especially if the relationship was a serious one.

Not only is the decision to end a relationship tough, being the one who has to end things can leave you facing a tough conversation – not easy. If you’re in this situation, here are tips for making a clean break, minimizing emotional damage with the amount of pain.

Don’t Wait Too Long

As hard as it is to have “that talk,” delaying only drags out the inevitable. Often people stay in a relationship far beyond the point where they’re happy, because they fear being alone. This is unfair to the other person, but it’s also unhealthy for you.

Once you’ve evaluated what went wrong and you want to end a relationship, walk away. You have to be alone for awhile. You have to be comfortable with yourself and grow with the past experience, so that you won’t repeat what went wrong in the next relationship. History has a way of repeating itself.

Think It Out

Once you’ve had the ‘break-up’ conversation, it’s impossible to undo what you’ve said, so think before you talk. Make sure you are ready to end it. An ancient proverb says, “Don’t let go too soon; don’t hang on too long,” and these words were never truer than when you end a relationship. If you think that the issues may be able to be worked out, discuss it with your partner. You may be able to sort out the issues through counseling which could improve the relationship and bring it to a higher level.

Stay Firm

Once you’ve made up your mind that it’s over, it’s over. Don’t waiver on your decision you must let go Don’t leave dangling promises like, “Maybe someday when I get my life together” this only leads to false hope. As cruel as it may seem, in the long run, a clean break is always the best. The way to do it is to write a list of tangible reasons the relationship must end. Mention the reasons, not vague concepts such as, “It just isn’t working for me,” and, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Be honest and say it the way it is. How to end a relationship? Not easy – don’t waiver and it will end.

Be the Bigger Person

It’s imperative that the breakup be done in face-to-face, unless you’re dating someone who lives across the country and travel is impossible -- and even then, sending a break up text or leaving a voice-mail is not an option. E-mails are also out of the question.

You owe the person with whom you’ve shared a relationship the dignity of a conversation, no matter how toxic he/she may have been Always take the high road. The other person may say ugly things but don’t be tempted to defend yourself of lash back. Remember, the other person is hurt, but you still must walk away.

A breakup can drag on if you allow it, so if you find that that your partner can’t cut it off, or keeps making excuses to drag things out, you have to stop all contact.

This may seem to be cold, but if you don’t make a clean break, you’re giving the other person hope, as well as preventing him or her from moving on.

If this has been done to you, and you’re suffering a lot, you may be codependent How to end a relationship without pain is not possible, however if you have continuous suffering counseling will help

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