Help I'm Sooo Confused!

by Tess
(NSW Australia)

I'm a dependent cigarette smoker, marijuana smoker and crystal meth smoker.

I also recently discovered I'm a gambling addict and even though I'm 5"5 and weight 50kg I think I'm sort of fat. So I’m guessing I also have an eating disorder.

I'm 21 and work hard. I work hard so I can pay my addictions. I also have a shopping problem, so I'm always broke even though I make about US$90,000 . And live at home with mum- no rent. I have $4 in my bank account, got paid $3,600 on the 15/09/2011.. Where did it go???

What's hard is people see me as inspiring. Women want me to see their sons. Others think I'm stuck up. Others say I'm so beyond my years and I'm so mature for my age. I get told I'm confident and then by others I'm terribly insecure. Not many know the real me and wouldn't believe it. Some would not be so surprised... Some are jealous because they couldn't do what I do. It's like I'm focused and well kempt and successful but yet I'm an abuser of so many things.

I'm a liar.. but usually to the people I love most. People want to get close to me and I've watched so many people crumble under the pressure. But I don't... I know I will but it's as if I can handle it more than others - except for the gambling.

My shopping addiction is getting jeopardized and it's making things harder. Everywhere I go I get stared at. Someone always has to say something or approach me while I'm minding my own business. It's unbelievable. Some of my friends love it, others leave me be because of it. Especially guys. I get told I'm asking for it. I'm not... I just ignore it.

My life is crazy but yet I feel so disconnected. I have so much interest in religion and God. I think peace is only in connecting with God - The Creator. But I can't even do that. I was Christian but now I consider myself Muslim. Although I don't believe in the Hajab.. I feel it's a man-made obligation. Feminist? I am white Australian (girl or woman?) with blonde hair and blue eyes.. It's like who the fuck am I? My mind is erupting

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Apr 06, 2012
The Truth is,

mahamad was a very very smart man. He wanted recognition and power, mostly war. So he marry's a very successful business woman by the name of fatima. She was highly regarded and respected by the people, so he used her to his advantage. He was very strategic and clever, and she was the perfect candidate to advertise him as a messenger.
Now, his way of achieving his goals was to cook up a bit fat lie by telling fatima that the Angel Gabriel appeared to him whils't he was praying in the mountains and said to him "You Mahamad have been chosen by God to deliver his messages". Fatima believed him so she began by going around to all the poor villages feeding the poor and spreading the word that her husband mahamad was chosen by God to deliver God's message and he be hailed as a Prophet. He was rejected by some and loved by others. So he began to creat his army of disciples by going from village to village and picking out the biggest and strongest criminals to fight for him. He would get around on a horse with a sword in his hand and slit the throats of anyone who rejected him or the new faith (Islam). The Authorities hated him and wanted him dead. He dodged capture and death so many times, people acctually began to believe and worship him. He wanted to marry every girl he set his eyes on, even 6 year old girls, and if their parents refused, he would slaughter them to death, even their babies to make his point. He wanted to marry a women from every nationality, So He did. He had Over 50 wives which concieved over 100 of his children, mostly girls, all his son's fell ill and died, some at birth and the rest before reaching puberty.
Then he sets off on his journey with his army to write the koran (much of it was take offs from the bible). He consulted old priests to help him reconstruct sentences from the Bible to con people into believing there his own scriptures. Mahamad was illiterate, he couldn't read or write, so a trusted member of his army would write down whatever mahamad said. He made sure all the sentences rhymed. The rules he created for women became law, for example; A woman musn't leave the house without wearing the Hijab. But that's as nice as it gets in regards to women. If a woman is suspected of committing adultry she would be stoned to death even if wasn't true. Towards the end, his army split, some due to the realization he's a fake. He died a horrible death which God cast upom him the worst kind of plague to rot alive for misinterpreting and ripping off God's Words from the Bible. In the Holy Bible God said; "he who takes away from this book, I'll take away his life", "and he who adds to this book, the plagues of hell shall be cast upon him". And that's exactly what happened to mahamad.
The final words from his dying breath were said; "never make peace with the christians or the jews, their the enemy of islam".!

Apr 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hey, you have to know that people believed anything in those days. I've studied Islam & Christianity, very similar yet so different in practice.I'm Athiest but If I had to choose, I'll most definitely become Christian, Nobody can deny Christ.

Apr 05, 2012
True dat.
by: Anonymous

Hey' I totally agree With your comment.
Also In the Koran he preaches to his people to concieve as many muslim kids as possible to over populate other religions & take over. Also for the men to get into power (Governmnet) to implement the cruel sharia law. Man, I'd rather have my throat slitt than convert to islam.

Apr 05, 2012
Your just a spoilt brat...
by: Anonymous

And besides, There's Only One True God "JESUS"!
If you Choose To Believe In A False Prophet Which You Have No Idea Of The Chaos He's Created Or How He Condemned His Own People! Mohammad Was Nothing But A Liar, A Serial Murderer And A Rapist! He Would Marry Little Girls At The Age Of 6yrs Old, Then Wait Till They Turned 9Yrs Old To Have Sex With Them! He Hated Christians And Jews, Ordered His People To Kill As Many AS They Can In Their Lifetime. He Had Over 50 Wives And Over 100 Kids, But The Almighty God Never Granted Him A Son! They Were All Girls! No Blood Line! He Split A 120 year Old Woman In Half Because He Didnt Like The Poem She Read To Him! "A Prophet"? "My ASS"... He Quotes He's The "Messenger Of God", Firstly Messengers Of God Are Created By God In Heaven Then Sent Down IN A Form Of Light! They Are Assexual Beings. Mohammad Was Born Of Humans, And Parished A Horrible Death.
Real Messengers Accend To Heaven With Their Clothes On, His Body is Buried In Mecca Or Somewhere In The Middle East, Yet His Soul Will Burn In Hell For All Eternity?? So You Need To DO Some Serious Backsearching Before Converting Mate!

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