Online Confessions

Share online confessions for all addictions. Whether you’re an addict, or know someone who is, you have a story. Perhaps you’ve said or done something that you’d rather forget.

Secrets, lies and manipulations are common in all addictions – drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gambling, shoplifting etc -- and so is guilt and shame.

In the real world, other people judge you, but confessing online is judgment free – and you can remain anonymous. Whether you’ve told your story many times or kept it bottled up inside, this is the place to get it off your chest.

Do not hesitate to reveal your confession, story or thought, no matter how stupid it may seem. Addictions can bring out the worst in anyone, and only another addict can relate to the insanity. So that's what this page is all about.

When you get that secret off your chest and tell it to the e-world you set your conscience free. It may sound silly, but it's true.

If you wish, you can be anonymous. You can comment on what others have said and also be helpful by giving advice.

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