Pill Addiction -I Quit

by Anonymous

Today I ended my pill addiction.

I have not even admitted I had one to anyone or myself until I realized I was changing my mood, changing plans, wanting to be alone, and looking forward to getting high off pills and walking around the streets, or sit in my apartment --not to mention what an asshole I am for stealing them.

No friend/coworker/family member would ever suspect this of me-a happy go lucky, successful, young woman.

Today I hit rock bottom with emotion and vowed to never steal them again from work and to never take them recreationally. I will use other sources of relaxation to conquer this.

Man was it scary, yet liberating. Some lucky druggy just found a bunch of opiates on the street-or hopefully they got kicked into the gutter, so someone else's addiction wasn’t fed because of me!

It feels good to be clean. I am done. Phew that felt good!!!

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Oct 06, 2012
by: Nikki


Apr 04, 2012
Good on You Girl....
by: Rita Y

All the best to you. Dont ever look back. Go spoil yourself with everyting and anything thats good for you in life.

Jan 07, 2012
by: Mandy

That took a lot of courage!!

I'm still struggling......hope one day I can do that too. Thanks

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