Involved with an Alcoholic

by Val

Have been with the same man for twenty years and have lived with him off and on during this time. Moved back in about two years ago.

The issue is he drinks on a constant basis and when he does he gets mentally abusive. In one sentence he will tell me he Loves me more than life itself, in the next sentence he is bashing me and bringing up past issues and throwing them in my face, or telling me to get out.

When he is not drunk he is caring and loving. We travel, camp and motor cycle ride and have wonderful experiences together.

He does not drink during business hours and has a very good job (30 years). But he comes home from work and drinks until he goes to bed. On weekends he usually starts any where from 8:00am or later and than all day. Than the bashing will begin and hurtful thing are always said.

They say the truth comes out with alcohol.

Is he telling me the truth when he is drunk or just being an A--hole?

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Oct 14, 2012
Get out and stay out!
by: Charo

What are you doing with this guy??

I think he's all 3. But you shouldn't care what and alcoholic says! He's a drunk!

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