A healthy eating plan stops stress.

A healthy eating plan keeps you on track when you’re stressed. Fast food and junk food are easy – and when you’re hungry or stressed, you’re not thinking, you’re reacting to the moment – a chocolate bar from the vending machine, pick up Macdonald’s for supper….. and then you feel remorse, and regret.

What am I doing? Why do I do this when I want to stop eating junk food? For many reasons…….but the first thing to learn is that when you have a problem with bad choices or a food obsession you’ve developed bad habits, so you have to think ahead and develop a plan.

A healthy Eating Plan

Always have healthy food in the house. If you have a weakness for ice cream, cookies, or junk food make sure that it’s not available because that’s the first thing you’ll go to when you’re all alone or stressed. It’s funny how when we’re stressed we are not craving to eat an apple, we crave the other stuff.

If you’re coming home from work and you’re tired and hungry don’t go shopping.

Never shop when you’re hungry or the fast food will call your name.

Frozen dinners may be more expensive but if they are a healthy choice, you can get your meal as well as keeping control of your portions.

Healthy Eating

We eat with our eyes, so we use small plates for your meals. Always eat slowly. This will help your digestion and you will also feel fuller.

If you want dessert eat a fruit. We often think we to eat more so that we are not hungry, but if you start eating less and use smaller plates, you can be satisfied.

Don’t make large quantities of food. If you are feeding a family either make what you need at the time, or make a large portion and put it in individual containers. Freeze them so they won’t tempt you, and defrost when it’s needed. All this is part of developing a healthy eating plan.

Junk food and fast food

There are times when you think you can only eat junk food or fast food – not so. When you have a healthy eating plan you can be prepared for vending machines at work, or food courts etc. If you think ahead you can bring a healthy snack or lunch from home.

You are always in control of the situation – even if you choose not to eat until you can choose a healthy alternative. You, not the food has the power.

Just as you plan what you will wear the next day, you should also plan what you will eat.

Healthy Eating Out

Good restaurants are not a problem – avoid the fancy sauces and fried foods. Fast food restaurants are getting on board with healthy eating – even KFC now has grilled chicken instead of fried.

Be sure to make healthy choices.

Eating disorders are labels that are used frequently, but it may not apply to you. To see if it applies, Try this quiz

Keep It Simple

Use quick uncomplicated recipes. And for stews etc. use a crock pot and set it to have your meal ready when you come home

Hate clean up? Use as few plates as possible. The less you use the less you have to clean – and clean up immediately after you use them.

Some people use paper plates – but I don’t recommend it. Not only is it expensive, but it’s not environmentally friendly at all.

Making a healthy eating plan prevents emotional eating

More healthy eating tips

Are you a binge eater? Here's how to stop If you have a problem with emotional eating counseling can help food addiction and so can coaching. Coaching is not therapy, but it's very effective because you and I form a team, to get you to the goal that you're looking for. Find out about it.

Cholesterol Problem? Here's a site

Interesting recipes can encourage healthy eating my happy cooking.com to learn about Indian way of cooking in healthy way

For immediate relief, these are helpful

The problem is not about diet, it's about changing your attitude, changing your lifestyle and having a new outlook on life

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