How to stop Binge eating

How to stop binge eating when binging has been a life long affliction? Of course you must be skeptical. How can you think you can stop binge eating when you’ve been trying to stop for years. However, like any addiction, it’s not easy, but you can learn to change your behavior. And like any other addiction the first step is to recognize that you have one. Once you acknowledge it the addiction you can DO something about it.

If you realize that your eating is sometimes out of control and you promised yourself after a binge that it was the LAST time. Just like in a 12-step program, you must admit that you are caught in the binge cycle.

It’s certain to happen again. If I’m talking to you, and you don’t think that you have a problem – but you keep on binging, you haven’t truly been honest with yourself. You need help on how to stop binge eating and help is out there. You are also probably

triggered to binge. It becomes a habit

Binge Eating Questions:

Does eating make you feel you’ve lost control?

Do you find that food is often on your mind?

Do you eat when you feel stressed or anxious?

Have you tried to stop binging – only to do it again?

Do you hide your eating habits from family and friends?

Do you eat until you feel sick?

Do you feel shame or disgust after a binge-eating episode?

Do you find yourself turning to food when you are lonely, angry or bored?

Have you sometimes stocked up on favorite foods for a binge?

Chances are you do emotional eating

Why stop Binge eating?

Binge eating can lead to physical and mental health issues:



high cholesterol

high blood pressure

heart disease

depression etc.

Steps to stop Binge eating

Don’t bring any binge food home

Don’t shop when you’re hungry

Make a list and stick to it.

Snack on healthy foods - yogurt, fruit, nuts.

Avoid salty and sweet ‘treats’ Check food labels and avoid temptations.

Eat breakfast Studies show that people who eat breakfast have higher productivity in the morning, are less likely to overeat at lunch, and are more likely to maintain a normal weight. If you don’t like the ‘typical breakfast foods’ eat other healthy food in the morning. One way to stop binge eating is to not to skip meals.

Break the diet cycle Anything that you’re forbidden to eat is what you want – So how to stop binge eating when you deprive yourself. One bite and when you start, it leads to binging

Make a healthy eating plan to stop binge eating Keep a food diary Write down what you eat and when you eat it

Stay active -- walking the dog, gardening, shoveling snow . . . any activity that raises your heart rate for a minimum of 30 minutes will not only make you feel better but, you’ll be less likely to overeat.

Know your triggers An argument, stress, anger, feeling down… negative feelings can bring on cravings. If you feel that your eating is out of control here's how to stop binge eating with additional information Talk to yourself Ask yourself what’s going on. Why are you upset? Sometimes you’ll get it and other times you won’t, but binging won’t solve the problem, it will add to it.

Stay busy Find something to do to replace food – a project, a phone call to a friend, anything to take your mind off the craving will give you more confidence about

stopping binge eating

Binge eating does not have to be a life long affliction. If 12-step programs are for you, Over-eaters Anonymous is for compulsive overeaters It’s on the same principles as AA.

There are also forums on line that can be helpful, as well as As well as counseling and coaching This will not only keep you on track, but you will learn new ways of thinking and reacting impulsively to food.

As many clients have told me

“Finally, I feel normal for the first time in my life!”

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