Signs of Drug Abuse Becomes a Family Affair

Signs of drug abuse infiltrate the fabric of family life. It forces its way into daily routines and disrupts scheduled events. Drug abuse is not a result of poverty or unfavorable living conditions. Anyone can be an addict but some people are at greater risk than others.

Children of addicts and alcoholics often abuse substances themselves.

It may seem as if substance abuse only affects the individual that is drinking or taking illegal drugs, but that isn't always the case. Addiction puts strain on relationships because of the symptoms and causes the abuser to feel even more isolated and depressed. This can lead to an increase in use and can ultimately have dire consequences. Without help, a habit can become life threatening. It can overwhelm a family and force loved ones to sever ties with the addict.

Treatment depends largely on the substance and their effects. Signs of drug abuse and alcohol abuse have particular effects He or she must be willing to take the next step in the recovery process. Without first admitting that there is a problem, few people receive the help and support that they need. In fact, many rehabilitation programs state that acceptance of the issue is often the hardest step for an addict. The alcoholic/addict is always in denial. Even if they admit to their problem, to break denial they have to also admit that they can’t change alone they need help

Here are some ways that drug abusers can get help:

Decide to make a change now. Recovery takes time, commitment, motivation, and support. It is a marathon not a sprint. The drug abuser must realize this in order to make a long-term commitment to change. Researchers agree that it takes 30 days to form a habit. Recovery can take equally as long if not longer.

Explore treatment options. Treatment differs from one person to the next so it is important for the addict to know that all areas of their lives will be put under a microscope. You have to deal with the signs of drug and alcohol abuse -- and that may mean an intervention signs of drug and alcohol abuse as well as the cravings. Addicts will be dealing with issues that they may have not wanted to address. Commitment and follow-through are essential in this stage of recovery. But don’t look at the long term. Take it one day at a time.

Reach out to others for support. Friends and family members are imperative to the recovery process – particularly if you are a teenager or are dependent on the family. Family members must be informed about addiction and without a strong support system to back them up, the family can sabotage the addicts recovery.

When you notice the signs of drug abuse, or alcoholism, it is never an easy subject to talk about. If you suspect that you have a problem with addiction, find someone that you can trust to confide in – a friend, a therapist, or go to a 12-step group. Explain the circumstances of your substance abuse and ask for their guidance. If all else fails and you can't get the support that you need, there are websites that you can turn to and you can always come to this site to

ask for free advice

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