Free Relationship Advice for Codependents

Everyone gives free relationship advice – your parents, your friends, even your kids. They will tell you what you should or should not do but what if you’re codependent? It’s hard to break up any relationship, but codependents have even more difficulty, regardless of knowing that the relationship is unhealthy. They cling to the hope that ‘one day, things will work out.’

There are many mixed feelings when you’re codependent – and you justify what you want to believe. You tell yourself that you’re in love with the person, so you don’t want to leave, but then you also tell yourself that this was never the relationship you set out to have in the first place. You end up feeling conflicted, controlled and resentful.

Codependent behavior

First, it should be mentioned that a codependent relationship always involves both partners. The relationship is based on dependency and control. Here are some examples of codependent behavior.


Control over who your friends are


Overly Critical

Silences your opinion

Can’t be open about your feelings

Secretly checks your computer, facebook, phone etc.

Calls/texts frequently

Checks where you are

This type or relationship is abusive

You will also find that your friends and family members will notice what’s going on and they’ll give free relationship advice. But that only makes a codependent person feel even more guilty. Low self esteem is a mark of codependents. This is difficult to overcome but not impossible

The first thing you have to do is acknowledge that you have a problem and decide what’s the best way to get help. Couple counseling can be effective. However, coaching is also very effective. This is an interactive process, where you and the coach work together to get you to a better place in the relationship or the confidence and courage to move on. You set the goals and get the results and you can schedule a free 1/2 hr. session to see if you like it.

If you're in a dysfunctional family or were in one as a child, it's common to become codependent or enable others.

Not sure if you are codependent? Take these tests to find out

Broken hearted? Here are some quotes & more

Free relationship advice and self-help books are also available on the internet. There’s also pastoral counseling as well as codependency anonymous groups. Don’t stay in denial.

We only have one life to live. Make it the best it can be.

Codependents are vulnerable to getting into emotional affairs

Have a question? Ask. Your question will also help others -- and of course, you can remain anonymous if you like. Here's what to do

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